How to Bypass ADT Alarm (Guide)

Your ADT system is built to collaborate with various other devices throughout your house to provide you with a comprehensive safety net. Even though this level of protection is great, sometimes it becomes necessary to BYPASS one of these devices for multiple reasons. Depending on your device, ADT provides you with various ways to help you bypass the alarm.

I will demonstrate how to BYPASS your home alarm system in the following walkthrough using the keypad.

How to BYPASS Your Home ADT Alarm

By using the bypass function included on your control panel, your security system allows you to get around this restriction. However, unless required, I recommend that you avoid doing so because it will reduce the level of security that your system provides and leave your home exposed to potential danger. Now…let’s get started!

Step 1: You will need to go to the keypad of your security system and input “BYPASS” into the appropriate field. On some security keypads, the BYPASS button can be activated with just one touch; however, on other keypads, you will be required to enter your master code before pressing the BYPASS command button.

Step 2: After entering the BYPASS mode, you must browse through the zones to locate the one that generally has an “O” for open.

Step 3: When you reach the zone that must be BYPASSED, you will usually be instructed to press the # key to go through that zone. Quite frequently, there will be an indication that you have BYPASSED that zone, displaying in place of the “O.” Move through all of the zones until you reach the ones you wish to skip over (and then BYPASS them).

Step 4: After you have BYPASSED all of the open zones, the ready light on your security system’s keypad will turn green, and you will then be able to arm it in the mode of your choosing. (1)

Necessary: The steps for BYPASSING specific alarm system components may differ depending on the precise type of control panel you have. Always make sure to check the instructions in the owner’s manual. 

What You Must Keep in Mind

When you BYPASS a zone on a hardwired ADT system, you go around all of the openings within that zone. Every opening in a zone that has been BYPASSED is left unprotected. The vast majority of hardwired security systems are designed to have eight zones, which means that you typically have 4-5 windows in each zone. A hardwired security system can have zone expanders added to it so that each opening can be BYPASSED in its own way. Every opening protected by a wireless sensor can be individually BYPASSED when using wireless security systems.

Wrapping Up

Your ADT security system should be completely functional at this point, with all sensors able to communicate with the control panel. However, there may be a situation in which you need to avoid detecting some or all of the sensors. If this is carried out, I strongly suggest that the security system’s sensors be reactivated as quickly as possible to guarantee that your property will continue to get comprehensive protection. (2)

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