Do Solar Security Cameras Work (5 Things You Should Know)

Solar security cameras are a perfect addition to any surveillance system. You’ll never have to worry about dead batteries or wiring. But do they work?

The simple answer is yes, solar-powered security cameras are not a fad, and they work great when used outdoors. The one instance in which they do not work is when used in indoor areas without access to sunlight.

Solar-powered security cameras are suitable for surveillance as they provide electricity-free protection. The cameras do not require infrastructure or electrical power, making setting up a wireless connection easier while minimizing concerns regarding traditional power sources.

How Solar Cameras Work

solar powered camera

Solar-powered security cameras utilize solar panels to harness sunlight converted into direct current electricity. Security cameras are then powered based on transitioning the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) using an inverter. In this manner, a solar-powered camera works like a solar power system.

The camera is placed at the desired location, a roof, office, home, or door, with a solar panel connected by a cable. The sheet of photovoltaic cells then converts solar energy into electrical energy used to power the security system. (1)

Are they easier to install than normal cameras?

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Being wireless security cameras, they can be installed faster in any desired location, not requiring the drill roles or cables to be installed. In addition, after the completion of the project, the movement of solar cameras is also relatively easier.

Do they last longer than normal cameras?

The life of a security camera is highly subject to the usage or the amount of monitoring to be done. However, compared to normal cameras, solar panels used in solar security cameras are of high quality and come with powerful batteries that can easily be changed whenever required.

Solar panel manufacturers usually offer 25-year warranties, indicating that the security cameras require minimum maintenance and can produce consistent power.

Top Benefits of Solar-Powered Security Cameras

There are certain circumstances in which using solar-powered security cameras are preferred.

1. Beneficial for Flexible Locations

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A security camera that works on solar power does not require any power grid or cables to be operated. For this reason, they are suitable or beneficial to be used in various surveillance-specific applications, for instance, geographically challenging environments, such as remote areas and sites. 

However, the functioning of solar-powered cameras is not restricted to remote areas. Rather, the cameras can also be suitably used in homes, construction sites, farms, sheds, and other places.

2. Easier Installation and Movement

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Solar-powered security cameras are cost-effective based on their easy installation and movement. Since they are operated by solar energy, security cameras are wireless and, therefore, can be easily moved without needing cables. For instance, solar-powered cameras can easily be moved to another site after completing projects in remote areas. The cameras can also be flexibly placed indoors and outdoors without any wire, cord, or drilling.

3. Monitor the Area Day or Night

solar powered camera monitoring

In the daytime, solar-powered security cameras are operated through solar panels using sunlight. However, there are some circumstances when it is highly desirable to have the camera operate at night. Still, you have nothing to worry about. Security cameras can also be powered at night using rechargeable batteries. (2)

In addition, solar cameras operated over WiFi are also introduced with starlight sensors. These sensors have proved effective enough to provide better night color vision of the areas where security cameras are placed.  

4. Easier Scalability

solar powered camera scalability

Solar-powered security cameras are also easier to scale and present a flexible solution to monitor the areas. Apart from this, these security cameras also facilitate the further addition of other cameras.

Solar-based security cameras also provide software to view recordings of different cameras on phones all at once.

5. A Longer Lifespan

solar powered camera lifespan

Solar-powered security cameras have a longer lifespan, being operated on solar panels. The companies manufacturing solar panels usually offer a more extended warranty of more than twenty years to the users.

Thus, it is evident that solar panels can still produce eighty percent of the power for the camera, even after the given warranty. Therefore, it can further be stated that very little maintenance is required for solar-based security cameras.


To what extent are solar panels efficient enough to produce electricity?

Several factors impact electricity generation by a solar panel. The amount of generated electricity can only be determined considering these factors, ranging from changing weather conditions, exposure of panels to the sun, and the angle at which the solar panel is adjusted.

Focusing on certain areas and factors, the performance of security cameras can be improved. For instance, the placement of solar panels is an increasingly important factor that significantly impacts the process, resulting in the minimization or maximization of power.

It is further recommended to keep and install security cameras away from other obstacles.

The cleanliness of solar panels is also highly necessary for improving performance. A wet tissue or cloth can be used to wipe the panel to prevent it from being exposed to dust.

Does the battery size for solar-based security cameras matter?

Due to the unavailability of sunlight for security cameras at night, rechargeable batteries are generally used. Therefore, a security camera’s performance depends on the rechargeable batteries’ reliability.

For wireless security cameras operated with solar panels to perform efficiently, it is necessary to ensure that the batteries have a higher capacity (10 times) compared to the maximum output of the panel installed. It is necessary to ensure that the batteries are not overcharged to prevent them from damage.

In most cases, it is recommended to buy solar cameras from manufacturers that also offer rechargeable batteries.

What is the process of saving footage or recording with solar security cameras?

If you are interested in recording videos through solar-powered cameras, using SD cards will be a better option. In this manner, playing saved videos or recordings and managing them using wireless security cameras will also be possible through movement sensors. These sensors are usually placed on memory cards using phones.

Besides, cloud service is another suitable alternative for securely storing videos of solar-based surveillance cameras. You can access videos on mobile phones stored on cloud services using an internet connection.

Is it necessary to install solar security cameras with WiFi?

Solar-powered Surveillance cameras are preferably used in remote areas with no network. In such cases, SD cards are used for storing the recordings and other detection events.

However, if you are interested in the live recording of the area where solar-based cameras have been installed, it is necessary to have an internet connection. Some solar-powered cameras are operated with WiFi and have motion sensors installed for sending alerts. Through WiFi, footage of security cameras, as well as live viewing, can be easily accessed.

In addition, some solar-powered cameras have also been created that can be operated using 3G or 4G cellular data. These security cameras have been designed to be used in places that do not have internet connections or WiFi facilities. Solar-powered security (wireless) and cellular cameras have almost the same features.

How much does a solar-powered security camera operate over WiFi cost?

If you decide to invest in solar-based security cameras, you might need to pay a high cost at first. However, at the same time, the benefits offered by the security cameras, the life of solar panels, the quality of the footage, and overall results cannot be ignored. If you have decided to purchase solar-powered security cameras, we must emphasize that the benefits outweigh the cost.

If you are looking for an outdoor security camera, ensure that the camera offers HD resolution so minimal details can be easily identified. Choose high-quality cameras, specifically those offered by well-known brands, to make your first investment in the security camera valuable.

Getting solar-powered security cameras installed would be a suitable option if you are looking for a flexible, reliable, easy-to-use, and understandable security system for your home, office, or even remote areas.

The cameras offer many benefits and can be installed indoors and outdoors.

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