Are Security Cameras Allowed in Bathrooms? 

Have you considered the possibility of concealed cameras in restrooms? If you happen to discover one, it might be rather traumatic. Furthermore, it may constitute a significant invasion of your privacy. A bathroom should be a private space free of prying eyes.

With that, you might wonder if it’s legal to install a security camera in bathrooms? And other similar questions like are schools allowed to put cameras in bathrooms?

In general, installing security cameras in toilets or other private areas is prohibited and illegal. However, this rule has exceptions, making it legal:

  • Provide proper notices
  • Point the camera in common areas
  • Your own home (if you tell visitors)

In this article, I’ll give you the information about its legality and answer the question, are security cameras allowed in bathrooms?

Installing Security Cameras in Bathrooms: Legal or Not?


According to laws passed by states such as Alabama, California, and Massachusetts, installing video cameras in restrooms and other private spaces where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy is illegal. These places include the following:

  • Restrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Hotel rooms
  • Changing rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Any other locations where individuals might undress

Anyone who violates video surveillance regulations could face serious consequences. However, in several states, there is no specific regulation prohibiting the use of cameras in non-public areas.

Exceptions to Make it Legal

When installing security cameras in toilets or other private areas, there are a few exceptions that may be considered permissible:

Putting Up Signs to let People Know

cctv sign

Many states like Arizona and Connecticut require employers to provide signs or notices to employees and obtain their approval before they can install security cameras in toilets or other private areas. The notices must be delivered in writing and must be signed. After the approval, that’s the time that the business owner can begin installing the cameras in bathrooms. (1)

Security Cameras Pointed in Common Bathroom Areas

So, are schools allowed to put security cameras in their bathrooms? Well, it’s typically legal. Some schools are permitted to place surveillance cameras in public toilets or other spaces that are supposed to be private to boost student security and prevent smoking, drugs, vandalism, and violence in private places.

However, these cameras can’t be zoomed in or out, rotated, slanted, or angled. The cameras must be pointed toward common elements in public restrooms, such as wash stations, dryers, and similar items. The use of cameras in mirrors, stalls, or showers is strictly prohibited.

Installing Cameras in Your Bathroom

When it comes to your own home, installing security cameras in restrooms that only you are using is perfectly acceptable. But keep in mind that when you have visitors such as friends, landlords, babysitters, or cleaners, you must warn them about using security cameras in your bathrooms and turn off the video cameras. Otherwise, you risk being charged with invasion of privacy.

3 Ways to Identify Hidden Security Cameras in Public Bathrooms

If you’re anxious about your privacy and think there might be hidden cameras, look around before entering the restroom or any other private location. Use the following primary strategies to spot hidden cameras in public bathrooms:

#1. Check for One-Way Mirrors 

There’s always a risk that a security camera is hidden behind a one-way mirror in a bathroom. So, to check it, place your fingertip on the mirror. It’s a real mirror if there’s a space between your fingertip and the reflection. In contrast, it may be a one-way mirror if there isn’t a gap (mirror on one side and transparent on the other side).       

#2. Inspect for Suspicious Items

suspicious on camera

A random person can conceal hidden video cameras in public restrooms in a variety of places, such as:

  • Clocks
  • Power outlets
  • Weird screws
  • Power adapters
  • Strange, out-of-place decorative items
  • Light fixtures
  • Wall hooks
  • Inside smoke detectors

#3. Use your Mobile Phone

Your cell phones can be instrumental in locating hidden video cameras in restrooms. So, using your mobile phone, you should:

  1. Make a phone call inside the bathroom.
  2. Walk gently. When unexpected noises interrupt the call, stop in that area.
  3. On your mobile phone, download a detector app for hidden cameras to check if there are any disguised CCTV cameras in school toilets. You can check more details here.
  4. Turn off the bathroom lights and examine the suspicious area using a flashlight.

Possible Actions to Do when you Find Hidden Cameras in the Bathroom

If you identified hidden security cameras in toilets, locker rooms, or other private locations, don’t touch them with your bare hands to prevent contaminating substantial evidence. Instead, you could take legal action against it. You can take photos and videos showing the hidden camera for reliable and supporting proof. If that matter goes to court, such evidence will make proving the crime much more manageable. (2)

(1) business owner –
(2) substantial evidence –

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