Reolink vs Lorex (What You Need To Know – [year])

How we reviewed: hands-on tests, hours studying Reolink and Lorex’s sites, and reading 100+ customer reviews.

Winner – Reolink

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Our Rating

  • High Quality Video
  • Easy Install
  • Weather Proof
  • Storage

Runner Up – Lorex

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Our Rating

  • High Quality Video
  • Mobile App
  • Night Vision
  • Only run on batteries


Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience


If you are looking for a great security camera brand either for office or home use, you can confidently choose between the Reolink and Lorex camera systems, our top choices. Both the Reolink and Lorex come with a practical design and award-winning features. There are a lot of similarities between them some of which we will list below, including the main differences and which is better in which category. We aren’t afraid to say that both Reolink and Lorex are the best brands around. For this particular comparison, our overall top pick was the Reolink camera system which offered affordable camera models with more features than Lorex cameras.

Here is a quick summary of the details and subtopics that you will come across in the post. They are: 

  • Reolink vs Lorex – similarities between them 
  • Differences of Reolink vs Lorex camera systems 
  • Key features and other usages – Reolink vs Lorex 
  • A summary and comprehensive guide of both security systems
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The Reolink camera captures video at 5.0 Megapixels, and the frame rate is 30 frames per second. It has a 4mm wide camera lens. This 5MP home security camera system comes with a pre-installed 2TB HDD which records 24/7. It can detect moving items and sends alerts through email and push notifications.

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Reolink vs Lorex: NVR System

The Reolink NVR system comes with 4k 8 channels, and the Lorex NVR system also has 8 channels, and all of them are 4k. Both the NVR system of Reolink and Lorex includes built-in 8-port POE. Coming to the storage options, the Reolink comes with two TB, with a capacity of up to 4TB SATA disk, and it also has an external SATA port. However, the Lorex 4K also has two TB, which can store up to 6TB SATA. 

You will get four bullet POE cameras in the 8 channel Reolink NVR system with a camera resolution of 8 MP (4k) @20 fps. Meanwhile, the Lorex system comes with eight bullet POE cameras with 5 MP @15 fps camera resolution. The field of view of Reolink is 97 degrees, and it includes a built-in audio interface. The field of view of the Lorex NVR system is 105 degrees, and it comes with a built-in audio microphone. 

In contrast to the other NVR systems, the Reolink is only ideal for the same brand cameras, and it is not ONVIF compliant. Besides, the Reolink system does not have an optical zoom lens. It is necessary when you want a high-definition image or when you are zooming in on far away objects. The optical zoom is bright, crystal clear with no sound or blur. The optical zoom has better results than digital zoom.

The Reolink NVR system has 18 IR LEDs with a night vision range of up to 100ft (30m). Coming to the Lorex, the IR night vision range is up to 90ft (27m) in dark rooms. It can cover up to up to 130ft (40m) in good lighting areas. Lastly, about the price, the Reolink costs around 550, and the Lorex NVR system is about 775. 

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This camera includes a warning light with motion activation and a remote-trigger siren for extra security. The color night vision feature provides you clear and full clarity recording of nighttime. There are no monthly fees as it comes with the local built-in storage drive. To view the recordings, you can pair your smart home device with the camera.

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Similarities: Reolink vs Lorex

Both Reolink and Lorex have a similar goal which is to provide more safety and the best surveillance systems. As they are top-notch supervision systems, they have some things in common. Here is a quick view of the similarities between them. 

High-Quality Video

Both the surveillance systems record the videos using HD high definition and resolution. The Reolink cameras can capture the footage with HD 1080p video quality. Meanwhile, the Lorex systems record the videos at 4K ultra HD high resolution. When your top and only priority is the decent image and video quality, you are free to choose either between the Reolink and Lorex. 


Depending on the model you choose, the installation procedure varies. Some models do not need any installation as you can place them on shelves or cupboards, tables, or even on nightstands. For a few other models, a simple mounting is necessary. You can easily mount this by yourself without needing any professional service. The wireless camera installation process is easy. 

Weather Resistance 

Both the Lorex and Reolink systems can tolerate even the harshest weather conditions. Moreover, you can use them during heavy rain, moisture, sunlight, and even mild hurricanes. The Reolink and Lorex manufacture many outdoor models, and, they are durable, reliable, and heavy. In short, all of them come with an IP65 weather certification.

Professional Service 

For Reolink and Lorex models, you do not need professional home monitoring, and, using the instructions, you can monitor it by yourself. Besides, both these brands offer cameras with a self-monitoring design, making them easy for you to use. 

Lorex and Reolink do not have professional monitoring. Hence, you have to self-monitor your system through the mobile app. There is no 24/7 monitoring from specialists. When you come across an emergency, you are solely responsible for it. 

Mobile App

Both the Reolink and Lorex camera systems come with a mobile-friendly monitoring app. It is one of the top features that other brand cameras do not have. The user-friendly mobile app allows you to monitor the camera. Sometimes, you can watch the live feed through the app. Many models will send push notifications, motion detection alerts, messages, and warnings through the mobile app. 

Outdoor and Indoor Use  

Both Reolink and Lorex brands offer various types of cameras which you can use both outdoors and indoors. Depending on the change in the situation, you can keep it inside your home or outside. You can use them in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, backyard, lawn, and more. 

No Contract 

Reolink and Lorex camera systems do not need you to sign long-term agreements like contracts or others. All the cameras are contract-free, and hence you can easily purchase the cam and other types of equipment upfront. Besides, there is no monthly fees requirement which means you do not have to spend other than the initial buying cost. Remember that if you want premium cloud storage, you need to pay extra money. 

Differences: Reolink vs Lorex

Just like the similarities, there are plenty of differences between these security cameras. 

History and Influence

The Lorex brand came to the market in 1993 to produce a good enough security system. It has head offices based in Ontario, Canada, and Maryland, USA. You can find their product warehouses in various states like Indiana, Markham, and California. It sells surveillance camera systems and other equipment. 

All these models are for residential homes, offices, and industrial properties. This brand also produces outdoor PTZ, IP cams, Lorex 4K dome cameras, and many more. 

On the other hand, Reolink is a security system-based company that came into the marketplace in 2009. It sells various models such as PTZ cameras, dome cameras, CCTV cameras, wifi cams, POE cams, and indoor and outdoor cameras. It is a bit hard to decide the winner as they both have their prominent models. 


Installation of the Reolink cams is simple in comparison with the Lorex cameras. They come with IP65 weather certification, which shows resistance to dust and water. You can install them everywhere. They are perfect for places with no wifi signal. For some cameras, you need to mount them to any surface. They come with screws, pins, and other mounting software. 

The Lorex does not provide any professional installation, and hence you have to do it on your own. If you want, you can hire a private or third-party professional installer to set up the camera. However, Lorex keeps a partnership with InstallNet to give professional installation only when you request it. But the professional installation is expensive as you need to pay around $200 for each camera. As per our research, we recommend Reolink as the winner of this category. 

Night Vision

The Reolink models come with two types of night vision, which are starlight and infrared. Reolink cameras include several infrared lights for maximum coverage and high image quality. 

However, Lorex offers only infrared night vision features. Almost all of the Lorex security packages come with a night vision feature. The maximum infrared night vision range of a few high-end Lorex cameras is up to 150 feet. Reolink is undoubtedly the winner based on night vision technology. 

Power Source

This is also one of the main differences which you will find between Reolink and Lorex. Mostly the Lorex models run on batteries, either rechargeable or for one-time use. However, the majority of Reolink cameras come with solar panels. There are also rechargeable batteries and battery-powered Reolink cams. As the Reolink models are available in various power methods, it is the winner of this category. 


Another feature that shows the crucial difference between Reolink and Lorex is the storage options. Lorex saves all the recordings in the two TB or three TB hard drives. Some high-end systems let you increase the storage up to 8 TB. 

The Reolink systems offer free cloud storage space for up to seven days. When you want to save the recordings for more than seven days, you need to buy the monthly package. You can easily choose between the standard, premier, and business plan depending on your budget and other requirements. 

A. Basic plan – It is free of cost and includes 1 GB of cloud storage. The plan gives seven days of video and works well with one camera. 

B. Standard plan – It costs $3.49 per month and includes 10 GB of cloud storage. You will get a 30-day cloud space, and it is compatible with five cameras. 

C. Premier plan – This plan’s price is $6.99 per month and offers 40 GB of cloud storage. It gives 30-day cloud video history and can work for up to ten cameras. 

D. Business plan – This is the costliest package whose price is around $10.49 per month. With a total of 100 GB of cloud space, it gives 60-day cloud video history. You can use this plan for up to thirty cameras. Depending on our research, we see both of them as great options they tie in this category. 

Mobile App 

The Lorex mobile app allows you to monitor your systems, and you can also watch the live view. The app sends push notifications. There are different types of apps: Lorex Home, Lorex Cloud, and Lorex Cirrus. Unlike Lorex, Reolink has only one mobile-friendly controlling app. Hence, the winner in this section is Lorex. 

Smart Home Integrations 

The Lorex systems are compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices. You can use them through voice commands. For smart home automation, you can stream onto the Amazon Echo devices. To connect the Lorex camera, you have to open the Alexa app, find the Lorex skill, and link your account/s. This entire process takes four minutes or less. 

Reolink only works with Google Assistant. The final winner in this category is Lorex. (3)

Customer Service 

When you face any issues or installation problems, you can check the FAQ information section, there is tutorial information, video information. When you did not find the solution for your issue through the information guides, you can contact the customer service desk.

The customer service for Lorex systems is open only on Monday to Saturday from 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM EST. When you have issues or emergencies during non-working hours, you need to wait until customer service opens. You can leave a reply in the comment name email section or use the email address to send a proper mail. By the above information, Reolink is the absolute winner in the customer service category. 


Unlike the Reolink models, the Lorex brand is expensive due to their 4K Ultra HD camera packages. It also includes the DVR and NVR camera systems. 

You can buy Reolink cams at a reasonable price. You can easily find the Reolink dome cameras in the price range of $60 to $250. We list Reolink as the winner when it comes to the pricing category as it has many affordable PTZ, dome, CCTV cameras, and other models. 

Final Overview: Reolink vs Lorex

Both Reolink and Lorex offer top-notch home security systems which need little to no professional service. You can install or mount them in any place with ease. Besides, both can record videos in full HD quality and come with IP waterproof certification making them best for outdoor use. 

Both the brands offer contract-free camera systems. Lorex and Reolink come with simple and self-monitoring designs. The Reolink includes solar panel technology for charging their cameras, while the Lorex models are battery-operated. 

Lorex 4K cameras record the videos with ultra-high quality and have good enough image quality. Unlike Lorex, Reolink models come with two kinds of night vision technology. Reolink offers solar panels to give power to cameras rather than batteries. Reolink and Lorex have both outdoor and indoor camera models. In terms of equipment, they have numerous options. 


The Bottom Line

Lorex is one of the oldest in the market and produces advanced home-based security system models. It gives several benefits and features like temperature sensors which other brand cameras lack. The Lorex 4K cameras have an easy installation process, and decent design but are expensive. When you are looking for easy to use and install home or office security system, Reolink is a perfect choice. It uses modern technology and offers several benefits at affordable prices. 

It is evident that Reolink overpowers Lorex in many aspects, and hence, it is our main pick. When compared to Lorex, the Reolink cameras are accessible at reasonable prices with a blend of unique features. Depending on your requirements, you are free to choose any of them as they stand as the best home-based security systems. 


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Written by

John Fox

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John Fox has been working as a security consultant for over 20 years. During his time in the industry, he’s learned about what it takes to ensure your home and family are always safe. With Safe Now, he’s tried to take those two decades of experience and share it with others. His goal now is to help others figure out how to make the right choices for their businesses and families.