How To Tell If Someone Is Casing Your House – 5 Methods

Learning signs that someone is casing your house can protect you and your neighbors. As a security expert, I want to help people be safe.

Casing a house is when burglars monitor it and get to know the people’s daily activities. This is so they can plan and make their move. Be aware that this is something that burglars do, and be on the lookout for this to happen.

Take action steps today to deter burglars. Be watchful for any of these potential signs your home is being cased.

Unfamiliar Vehicles In The Neighborhood

You may notice cars parked in front of your house or on the grass. Cars also may drive by slowly at night or during the day. You also may notice people taking pictures of you or the front of your house. If you notice them do this, be on alert. Taking a picture of the license plate may be a good tactic.

Burglars often sit in cars with tinted windows, waiting for the change to get in through the door. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. If you see any strange vehicles in your area, immediately take precautions. Installing a security system and putting signs up letting burglars know would be one of the strongest tactics you have in protecting your home.

Burglar breaking in a house

Door-to-Door Scams

Potential burglars will often put flyers or newspapers on your lawn or your door when a house is being cased. You may get a knock on the door. They may be advertising some business service. Be sure to ask them for a business card. If they can’t provide one, then make a note of it.

This is to see if anyone is home and collecting the papers. Be on the lookout if you get a paper but don’t have a subscription.

Make sure you take precautions. Burglars target homes that are routinely vacant during the day. They often will enter your home through the front door!

To avoid painting a bull’s eye on your home, promptly remove any flyers or distribution papers. This shows you are taking care of your home. If they know the house is occupied and being watched over, then they are less likely to attempt to rob the house.

Fake Emergencies

Does someone knock on your door, needing to use your phone? Do they have to use your bathroom? Don’t be afraid to tell these people “no.” They are most likely burglars looking to find an easy target. They will pull at your heartstrings and take advantage of unsuspecting people trying to do good. They may return later. Once they’re in your home, they may open a window or door for easy access once they return.

If anyone has a so-called emergency, kindly refer them to the police department.

Strangers Walking Through The Neighborhood

When you live in an area, you should be familiar with common faces. If you see strange people in your neighborhood, it could be one of the warning signs that your house is being cased. Does the person make eye contact with you? Either staring or not making eye contact is a red flag.

Be sure to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement. They are available 24 7 to help protect you from burglars or potential break-ins. If something doesn’t feel right about a situation, it is better to be vigilant than a victim of someone casing your home.

Strange Markings

Any strange spray paint, chalk, or graffiti on your home or around your home is cause for alarm. This can be marking your house to burglars and their cohorts. You may not be able to decipher the meaning of the markings, but those in the know would be able to. Take a picture of the markings and inform law enforcement. It may not be harmless if you notice random signs around your house or your neighbor’s house.

What You Will Need

  1. Camera
  2. Pen and Paper
  3. List of Numbers for Local Law Enforcement

Protecting Yourself From Property Crimes

1. Locking Your Windows and Doors

Hand holding glass window latch lever

The most important step to protect yourself from burglars is to lock your windows and doors. Ensure your front and back doors are locked when you leave the house. Do not neglect this step. Believe it or not, many people do not do this, resulting in property loss.

Locking your doors is something you can do that will impact how many burglars will be interested in your house. A deadbolt will also give you another layer of protection, making it less likely that burglars will break in. Many people will leave spare keys in a flowerpot or under a mat. Don’t do that– this is exactly what burglars are looking for. Cover your bases by making it as difficult as possible for burglars to get into your house you can.

2. Get a Dog

dog protect house

Many people have dogs for companionship. However, a house with a dog is also less likely to be broken into. They do not want the barking to draw attention to them and potentially get bitten.

If you can, get a dog to help protect yourself and your home from getting robbed.

3. Stay Safe On Social Media

Anonymous internet user

Be vigilant about what you share on social media. Many times the photos we post have location information embedded in them. If you know how to remove this information, do so. Most burglars enter when the homeowner is not there. Please do not make it easier for them to know that you aren’t there.

Don’t post pictures of your house on social media. This makes you an easy target for potential thieves. On the same note, don’t tell people when you are on vacation.

When posting on classified sites, refer to your neighborhood rather than your address. You don’t know how many people can see your address when you make public information. An alarm system can be a good barrier to getting your house robbed. There are many good battery-powered security camera systems that you can install near your front door. Post a sign, so potential burglars know they are being watched. This will be enough to deter them.

You may also want to look into a 4k burglar system.

4. Make Your House Look Occupied

house occupied

Does your mail pile up when you go on vacation? This is a key sign that burglars look for. Don’t let this happen to you. You can ask someone to look after your mail for you– a relative, neighbor, or friend. You can also ask the post office to hold your mail. Unlooked-after mail is a giveaway that no one is taking care of the house.

5. Install Barriers and Fences

Barriers And Fences

Backyards without fences are easier to access than those with fences. Fences send a strong message to would-be thieves: keep out! They may enter through that way to make it more difficult for neighbors to see them. Using a fence can be a big step in helping to protect your home from potential thieves. It adds a barrier between you and them and will make it less likely that they will enter through the back.

Installing a camera is a good base for protecting your home.

Especially if you notice that your house is being cased, you will want to change your protection methods to help your home and your family. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and share them to help your family and friends.

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