How To Deal With Nosey Neighbors (11 Security Expert Tips)

Humans are naturally born to socialize. However, we don’t always have a choice in who we live near.

A nosy neighbor can intrude on your privacy, which can be irritating. When you want to have some time for yourself, or you need to discuss things with a family member, the last thing you want is someone you barely know bothering you.

You will learn how to deal with your nosy neighbors without being rude as we continue our list of effective methods below.

1. Block their view with fences and bushes


You can stop this nuisance by building a tall fence made of wood, concrete, or bushes around your house.

This is at the top of my list of methods to deal with nosy neighbors because it’s quick, simple, and provides a temporary solution while you figure out how to convince them to stop. In addition, those different plants might also give you shade in the summer and look lovely around your house.

Not only do you stop your neighbors from snooping, but you are also upgrading your yard.

2. Change your curtains

curtains and a man

Investing in some nice curtains is another approach to dealing with nosy neighbors.

It may be a wonderful thing to see natural light inside your house. However, it might be displeasing when your house becomes visible to over-curios neighbors.

You can purchase translucent curtains to hide the insides of your house. Another option is honeycomb blinds that open from the top. They let in the same light, but the lower half keeps annoying neighbors from seeing into your home.

3. Add an electronic privacy film

If you badly want privacy from your neighbors, you can install an electronic privacy film or smart window.

You might spend a lot with this method, but it will not be a problem if you have the budget.

Electronic privacy film or smart windows can let you quickly switch to a tinted window. Your nosy neighbors will not be able to see through your windows, and you can still let ample light get inside your house. (1)

Suppose you don’t have enough money. You can purchase basic films instead. These films are easy to install and do not require electronic devices to function.

4. Install security cameras

security cameras installed

A security system does not only keep burglars from breaking into your house, but it can also stop your nosy neighbors from interfering with your privacy.

All you need to do is make sure that your neighbors will know that you have a camera installed. Most people are uncomfortable with being recorded, which may be a great deterrent.

Moreover, if your neighbors are too stubborn, you can install motion-detecting floodlights or sprinklers to keep them away from your yard.

5. Place signs around the house

Signs are not only good for business; they are also effective in scaring off nosy neighbors. You can place signs showing that you have cameras installed around the house. You may let your neighbors know they are being watched by carefully positioning your signs around your property.

These methods can help your neighbors understand that while you enjoy having them around, you also value your privacy.

6. Close the door and curtains (Show Your Displeasure)

When your neighbor is watching you, stare back, close the curtains, or slam the door. You may not feel friendly when doing this, but it should let your neighbor know that you do not intend to tolerate their behavior.

7. Grow Shrubs/Bushes in your yard


Suppose you don’t want to touch your curtains’ position for personal reasons since you may like it a lot when it is open. You can plant some shrubbery instead.

A shrub can grow tall and have several stems. These plant types can grow wide and cover up space enough to block nosy neighbors from peeking into your window.

You can keep your nosy neighbors from looking at your yard and, at the same time, develop a green environment around your house. (2)

8. Talk them out of it

women talking

We sometimes think things about others and end up wrong. You can be friendly and talk with your neighbor. Start a conversation and talk about their issues and get their feedback.

You may not feel like it, but knowing more about your nosy neighbors can sometimes lead to a fair and equitable friendship. Who knows? Maybe they are just trying to be friendly, and you are lost in understanding their motives.

Try to engage in a chat with them, and understand them. Maybe your neighbor is just in a bad situation. You won’t lose anything valuable in trying to understand them.

9. Call them out

Next time you find your nosy neighbors in the act, call them out. Tell your neighbors that you want them to respect your privacy and expect them to stop bothering you immediately.

10. Shut down nosy questions

Maybe your neighbors don’t spend much time looking at your house and what you’re doing, but they always seem to jump on you when you’re outside. They might be asking too many questions that you may find disturbing.

If you don’t want to talk about the most personal aspects of your life, there are several options to escape these situations:

  1. You may say, “I have to go,” and walk away before they can react.
  2. Give them a hazy response to their questions and turn it back to them.

The methods above can help you get out of a conversation with your neighbor.

Suppose you don’t mind talking to them, you may try to ask them something that can make them talk more about themself. This way, you avoid getting asked questions that can make you uncomfortable.

11. Call the authorities

cops and a man hugging

If you notice your neighbor sulking around your property or catch them attempting to enter your house, it’s a dime to call the cops.

The police can help you take action with it and stop them from doing anything illegal.

However, remember that this option is only applicable if you have serious concerns about your safety. As much as possible, this method should be your last option.

A simple grudge or dispute isn’t enough to get the cops involved. Be responsible.

How to cope with nosy neighbors?

A nosy neighbor can be very irritating. However, you cannot decide and judge a person without exact facts to confirm it.

You can try to be more kind and open to them. Maybe your neighbor is in a lousy situation, or they have issues in life. Who knows? Perhaps they need some company or a friend to talk to about their problems in life. There is a possibility that they feel alone and want to step out and talk with anyone.

Final Words

It could be that the neighbor you thought to be nosy may want to be friends with you.

Nevertheless, if things are worse, I highly recommend you call the police. It is the safest way to face this kind of problem. Remember that you should only involve the authorities if there is a severe concern for your safety.

Be responsible.

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