How Does a Portable Door Lock Work?

Spending a night at a hotel or a rental place can turn into a bad experience if the doors are not secure enough. You won’t be able to sleep freely in an unprotected room. But, you can change everything with a simple security device. A portable door lock is an excellent choice for the above situation. If you are a constant traveler, carrying a portable travel door lock is a must-have. So, with my personal experience, today, I’m hoping to share some knowledge on how a portable door lock works.

A portable door lock comes with a steel plate that goes into the door strike. First, insert the steel plate into the door strike. Then place the red wedge on the steel plate. Finally, adjust the metal tension rod to lock the door.

Portable Door Lock’s Mechanisms

Portable door locks come in several different shapes and sizes. But, overall, they all have similar mechanisms and uses. For instance, preventing the door from opening inward is the primary purpose of a portable door lock. Whatever the type or the design, a portable lock should do that.

Parts of the Portable Door Lock

A portable lock is a device that comes in a combined unit. But there are two main parts of the lock.

Steel Plate

woman holding a portable door lock steel plate
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This steel plate goes inside the door strike. On one end of this steel plate, you can find a couple of steel teeth. (1)

woman inserting the portable door lock steel plate
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These two teeth go inside the door strike. After the door is locked, the steel plate won’t fall down because of these teeth.


woman holding the red wedge to lock
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All portable locks have a part similar to a red wedge. This red wedge is the lock, and it has an adjustable metal tension rod. The red wedge and the steel plate connect via the chain.

a woman opening the door with the portable door lock
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Keep in mind: When someone applies a horizontal force to the door, that force is converted into a vertical force and tightens the lock even more. So, it is nearly impossible to open the door from the outside. (2)

Different Types of Portable Door Locks

As mentioned earlier, depending on the type of portable door lock, the locking mechanism might vary. So, here are some useful portable door lock types.

Door Jammer Portable Locks

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For inward opening doors, door jammer portable locks are the best options. These locks prevent the door from opening. The locking mechanisms of these types of portable locks are highly reliable. These Door jammers include a part that goes underneath the door. And the other part is supported by the surface. So, any force that comes toward the door, will be blocked by the lock. However, the lock needs a hard surface to function properly; on a soft surface, the door jammer won’t have a tight grip; it might fail entirely.

Door Braces

Door braces are equipped with two parts. It comes with a part that is designed to fit onto the surface, and the other is a moveable part. The movable part acts as the lock, and you can remove it to unlock the door.

These door braces are made with many different materials such as plastic, metal, and wood. Some highly durable door braces can withstand up to 3000lbs of violent force.

Portable Door Alarms

Using a portable door alarm is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself when someone tries to enter your room. It will sound off an alarm if someone touches the doorknob. To activate this security device, hang it on the doorknob and turn on the system. A door alarm is an excellent choice for a portable travel door lock. No installation is required, and it runs on battery power. But, these types of security devices won’t lock the door.

Which Portable Door Lock Type is Suitable for Me?

All four types of portable locks shown above are great. Depending on the situation, you might have to change the portable door lock type. You cannot use a door brace in a hotel. For a hotel room, you should pick locks such as a portable door alarm or the portable lock that goes into the door strike.

If you are looking to lock a door in your home, all the above four types of portable locks are excellent choices. These locks will prevent any intruders from breaking into your home. Also, they are a perfect choice for child safety. With the help of a portable lock, you can lock the front door from the inside.

Wrapping Up

The use of proper security locks can be quite beneficial in various ways. It could be at your home or in a hotel room if you have a portable door lock it will ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. So, make sure to choose the perfect portable door lock among the above four types.

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