How to Fix a Sliding Door Lock Mechanism (Guide)

A sliding glass door is capable of giving your home a much more different vibe than a regular door. They allow more visibility and enhance security at the same time. But, these sliding doors might break down occasionally. Most of the time, the issue lies with the sliding glass door lock.

As a solution, you can do a simple repair, or sometimes you might have to replace the lock. So, here is a simple DIY guide on how to fix the sliding door lock mechanism.

In general, for a sliding door lock replacement,

  • First, remove the handle.
  • Then, take out the bracket that is holding the lock.
  • Separate the lock from the bracket by removing the screws.
  • Buy a matching new lock, and reverse the above steps.

That is it. You now have a properly working sliding glass door lock.

Sliding Door Mechanism

The basic mechanism of a sliding glass door is rollers running on tracks. You can locate the roller mechanism at the top of the door or the bottom. All the new technologies follow the same fundamental principle. Nowadays, you can find sliding doors that are capable of automation. Also, some have soundproof and weatherproof capabilities. (1, 2)

How to Identify a Faulty Locking Mechanism?

hand holding sliding door handle
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Most of the time, a faulty locking mechanism will give you a malfunctioning lock. For instance, when you turn the switch to the locking position, the lock won’t work at all. It will stay at unlock position. So, you might have to consider a lock replacement.

A Few Things that You Can Try Out Before the Replacement

Before jumping into a lock replacement, there are a few other things that you can try out. If these techniques work, you can save some valuable time and money. If not, you can always go back to the main plan; lock replacement. So, there is no harm in trying out these things.

However, these are not permanent solutions for sliding door lock issues. But, if you are looking for a simple sliding door repair process, the below techniques might work for you.

Try Lubrication

Whenever a metal lock has a faulty locking mechanism, lubrication is the first thing you should try out. Put a small amount of lubricant on the lock. Wait for a few hours and check the door.

Repeated Locking and Unlocking

Repeated locking and unlocking can fix the latch issues. It might loosen the lock to some degree and correct the malfunctioning.

Process of Replacing the Sliding Glass Door Lock

If the above two methods do not work for you, it is time for a new lock replacement. So, here’s how you can do that.

Step 1 – Find the Model Details

You can find the manufacturer’s details on the door’s corner edge. Most sliding doors have their manufacturer’s name or the model number printed on the edge. So, remember to note it down. You might need this information depending on the type of sliding door repair.

Step 2 – Remove the Handles

removing the sliding door handle
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There should be two screws that are holding both handles. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw and carefully remove the handles. As soon as you remove the screws, the opposite handle will fall down. So, make sure to hold it while removing the screws.

Step 3 – Pull out the Bracket

bracket and switch of a sliding door
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Next, remove the switch. It should come out pretty easily.

removing the sliding door switch
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Then pull out the bracket that holds the lock.

Step 4 – Separate the Lock

separating the sliding door lock
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Now, loosen the two screws that connect the lock and the bracket. After that, separate the lock from the bracket.

Step 5 – Buy a Suitable Lock

Then, take the lock to a local hardware store and buy a similar model.

Step 6 – Install the New Lock

installing the new sliding door lock
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Now, place the new lock inside the bracket and tighten the screws. Then, put the bracket inside the door and connect the handles.

Step 7 – Check the New Lock

checking the new lock
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Finally, make sure that the new lock is working properly.

Wrapping Up

The above lock replacement process might vary according to the sliding glass door model. But, all sliding doors have a similar mechanism. So, you’ll be able to adjust the process accordingly without much effort. Also, during the replacement process, remember to be careful because you are dealing with a glass door.

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