Do Bug Detector Apps Work

If you are wondering whether bug detector apps work, here, we will compile the most comprehensive information for those who want to use their smartphone as a bug detector.

Hidden Camera Detector

Do Bug Detector Apps Work?

Experts agree that not all apps can provide the highest quality and efficiency. You can expect decent results depending on the app in question. A specific level of effectiveness can be achieved by considering the particular camera model.

Many hidden cameras on the market and radio-frequency (RF) detectors are used in “nanny cams” to stream images. Only a few have cameras that are very hard to detect.

A good bug detector app can protect you from electronic eavesdropping devices. It can help you find hidden cameras and listening devices and even give you a heads-up when someone is trying to hack into your computer.

A list of some of the great apps out there includes [most of these work for both Android and Apple]:

  • Hidden Camera Detector
  • Spy Hidden Camera Detector
  • Spy Camera Detector and Hidden Camera Detection 
  • Hidden Camera Finder 

While more advanced brands like Nest and Canary have reportedly also been used for spying purposes, these are still great options for catching standard low-quality cameras like the ones sold in general stores. Their wide range of features, ease of use, and different notifications will help you find cameras that might have slipped past you. It doesn’t mean you can entirely rely on them, as only familiar and basic hidden cameras can be detected with them.

How Does a Bug Detection App Work?

Bug Detector Scanner

First, the user must download the application on his smartphone. Most apps are free and available in the Android or iOS app store. At the same time, the complex configuration of such applications is usually not required.

The app works by using the specific features of each smartphone. Some applications use the smartphone to analyze the radiation emitted from a “bug.” This analysis’s scope considers the magnetic field that the spy device can produce. 

Each application can provide different audible or visual alerts when detecting a spy device. The radiation produced by the other cameras is at a similar level. When the radiation in the environment matches the approximate value of the electronic device or camera, alerts are produced. (1)

Other applications require a smartphone camera for detection. This option is only for finding spy cameras. The camera produces a particular infrared light and detects the reflecting surface. Once the reflective surface is found, the application informs the user. (2)

Four Best Bug Detector Apps for Android, iOS, and iPhone

Not all applications are equally practical. The following options are best suited to detect a bug.

Hidden Camera Detector

It uses the cell phone’s magnetometer function to find a spy device. Once a spy device is found, the app emits a sound in the form of an alert.

Google Play Store rating: 3.8 / 5 

Spy Hidden Camera Detector

This application requires a one-time payment. There is a trial version. Its functionality incorporates spy camera detection in automatic or manual mode. It also includes an EMF scanner.

Apple App Store Rating: 4.1 /5 

Spy Camera Detector and Hidden Camera Detection 2020 

This app also uses a magnetic sensor to detect radio frequency signals and a camera to detect spy cameras. It is an app that adapts to phones that do not have magnetic sensors.

Google Play Store rating: 4.6 / 5 

Hidden Camera Finder 2020

The user can use this application and detect spy devices from their camera. The functionality is similar to other apps, but the level of efficiency and higher, as mentioned by users.

Google Play Store rating: 4.7 / 5

Wrapping Up

It is necessary to consider that bug detector applications are just a start when you want to find any spy device hidden in a place. 

If you have any problems or questions, please comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


(1) electronic device –
(2) infrared light –

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