Why is My Alexa Offline (Troubleshooting Tips)

Your Alexa devices could be offline for a variety of reasons. The most typical cause of this problem is an out-of-date program on your smartphone. Nonetheless, it could also be due to a problem with electricity or an inconsistent WIFI connection.

While you may not know why your Alexa devices are currently offline, the great news is that addressing this problem is simple. You can get your Alexa working again once you’ve identified the source of the issue.

Continue reading as I show you how to deal with why your Alexa may be offline and how I resolve these issues.

Getting Started

While Alexa and Echo get along swimmingly, Alexa occasionally reports that the Echo unit is offline. The immediate question everyone asks is, “Why is my Alexa app offline? and is it broken” With some investigation, you can generally handle this issue fast and efficiently.

I also experienced this kind of issue before. I scoured the internet to look for solutions using the keyword why is my Alexa app offline. Luckily, I found many solutions and resolved this issue. Now I’d like to impart what I’ve learned to you.

Inspect Your Wi-Fi Connection

wifi connections

Generally, it is simple to resolve the issue of the Alexa device offline but the root is not always so straightforward. Check to see if you have a steady WIFI connection before attempting to diagnose your devices. It’s possible that your internet connection is down or your service area is experiencing an interruption.

If your internet speed is reliable, you should consider whether you recently updated your WIFI name or password. This is a simple oversight that any Alexa user may make. All you have to do now is change your WIFI details, and the issue should go away. (1)

Assess Your Power Supply

Another reason your Alexa devices aren’t connecting is that they’re not connected to a power supply (sound crazy but this is the most common support call resolution). Ensure that the device was not unplugged or that the power bar to which it is connected was not turned off or unhooked from the wall. The answer is often a lot easier to find than you might think. (2)

Once you securely plugin everything is, unplugging the device from the power source may solve the problem (if an outdated program doesn’t cause it). To test if this fixes the problem, disconnect it for at least 30 seconds, then connect it back in and restart the device.

Inspect The App On Your Smartphone

alexa mobile app

The most common cause of Alexa gadgets falling offline is an out-of-date Alexa app on your mobile. Examine the app to see whether it requires any updates. Occasionally, if a new update is released, it will resolve the connectivity issue. If there is no update available, try resetting the Alexa app on your phone to see if there is a problem with it.

Make sure you link the phone on which you’re using the Alexa app to the same WIFI network as the Alexa device you’re trying to operate. You won’t be able to get a connection between the two devices if they’re on different channels.

If you’ve tried each listed above and your Alexa devices still won’t access the internet, you might have to uninstall and reinstall the Alexa app. It’s possible that your Alexa device is offline due to some technical glitch and that reinstalling it will fix the issue.

Reboot The Echo To Its Default Settings

rebooting echo device

You can perform this procedure via the Alexa app on your smartphone or the device having issues. Navigate through the devices in the app until you discover the faulty Echo. To start the process, scroll to the bottom of your selections and confirm you wish to perform a factory reset. You may need a paperclip or other thin item to hit the reset button if you’re doing it with just the device. 

Pressing it for a few seconds with whatever tool you have should suffice. Allow any lights on your gadget to turn off before turning them back on.

Depending on how old the Alexa is, the method for conducting a factory reset on the actual device will differ slightly. The “Action” button on newer Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus devices, for example, just has to be held down for 20 to 25 seconds.

Check How Many Devices Are Connected To Your Wi-Fi

A few of the things that cause your Alexa devices to be unavailable include too many multiple devices are using your WIFI. The majority of wireless routers can only transmit up to 52 devices simultaneously. While this may appear to be a lot, too many connections might overload your provider’s bandwidth limit and cause the same issue with fewer devices. Contemporary technology allows you to be more engaged than you realize. If this is the issue, your WIFI router may be unable to handle any additional traffic.

But, each network is different, and some current routers can manage more devices than others, while others can only handle 45.

Have You Registered Your Device On Amazon?

checking account on amazon

If you’ve tried everything else and still can’t get your Alexa devices to access the internet, there’s one more thing you can try.

For Alexa devices to operate, they must first be registered. The Alexa device will be added to your Amazon account once you order it online. If the device isn’t showing up in your Alexa app, you may need to enter into your Amazon account and deregister it before re-registering it again.

This form of reset will entirely remove the Echo from your Amazon account, as well as any data associated with it. It’s the same procedure as when you first bought the product. If you have access to another Amazon account, try registering it in a different way to see if you can uncover an issue with your problem.

Some consumers who bought their Alexa devices didn’t understand they needed to deregister them through their Amazon account. If you purchased a secondhand Alexa and suspect the previous owner may have overlooked this process, you can contact Amazon customer service to have the device deregistered.

Contact Amazon For Help

If none of our troubleshooting suggestions for bringing your Alexa devices back online have succeeded, you might have to email Amazon for assistance. Fortunately, Amazon customer service has a wealth of information to resolve the issue. Alexa device users can get all the details they need from their fantastic customer care team and their friendly community forums.

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(1) internet speed – https://www.verizon.com/info/internet-speed-classifications/
(2) power supply – https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/engineering/power-supply

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