Why is Alexa Having Trouble Understanding (Easy Fix)

Alexa can be a great tool for a wide range of reasons however like any other product sometimes you can face problems. Of course, this is not necessarily a technical problem and in most cases but when you do face such a problem, knowing how to fix it can be critical.

Here we will share all the things you can try to easily fix your Alexa if you are having trouble communicating with it.

What Causes Problems with Alexa?

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“I’m having trouble understanding you”. This is the dreaded message you must have heard that brought you to this guide. Hearing this means something is hindering Alexa’s ability to contact its servers and process what you say to it. The reason for this could be anything ranging from being out of range from your internet connection to the disconnection of your service. Regardless of what it is, here are some of the things that you can try to fix the situation.

Fixing the “I’m having trouble understanding you” Error

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Try each of the following steps one by one to see if you can remedy the Alexa trouble, or at the very least narrow it down in case you need to contact Amazon support later. For most people, one of these things should do the trick.

Fix #1. Restart Your Alexa Device

This is something that all tech products have in common nowadays and even tech support people swear by its effectiveness. Sometimes your Echo device is simply stuck and all it needs is a refresh. (1)

Fix #2. Check Your Internet Connection

Given how constantly we use the internet in our lives now, it is quite possible to not realize when it goes down. Simply check your router or Alexa app to see if it is still connected to the internet. If it is down, then troubleshoot your connection or contact your ISP for support.

Fix #3. Check Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Sometimes, it is also possible that your internet is working fine but your Wi-Fi is simply not in your Echo device’s range. Try moving it closer to your router to see if it can connect to the internet and start working again.

Fix #4. Factory Reset Your Echo Device

It is not too common but still not rare for Amazon Echo devices to start having software issues. Anything can cause that to happen and if the above steps do not work, reset your Alexa device to factory settings and it should fix the issue.

Fix #5. Contact Amazon Support

In case none of the DIY solutions suggested above work, you might want to contact Amazon support directly for help. They can provide you with an alternative solution or check from their end to see what is causing Alexa trouble understanding you. In rare cases, it may be a device fault and you might be due for a replacement.

Fix #6. Check the Amazon Alexa Help Page

Given the complexity involved with a service like Alexa, it is only natural for Amazon to document potential issues and provide useful information to its customers. You can find a lot of things on the Alexa Help Page and on the Alexa app help section related to your problems, especially on the forums where other people share their issues. (2)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is causing red flashing lights on my Alexa device?

For ease of understanding, Amazon has included an array of light colors on Alexa devices to indicate different things. If you see a flashing red light, it usually means that your Echo device is muted. Simply press the flashing button on top of your Echo device to unmute it.

Why can’t Alexa understand my commands?

Clear communication is essential for Alexa to understand what you are saying, so make sure nothing is preventing that. Speak in a slow and clear manner and avoid using your Alexa device in a place where there is the background noise of any kind. Also, check if your device is muted by looking for a flashing red light.

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(1) tech support – https://medium.com/@outsourcedhelpdesk/what-are-the-different-types-of-technical-support-services-9f102d8461bc
(2) forums – https://www.britannica.com/topic/forum-ancient-Rome

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