Where to Keep Your Gun When You Sleep

Keeping your gun in a concealed yet accessible location is vital for protection. You want to quickly reach your gun in case of any suspected activity or disturbances within your house to protect yourself and your loved ones. Read on to know where you can keep your gun while you sleep. 

Places You Can Keep Your Gun While Sleeping

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1. Gun Safe 

a riffle at the top of a black gun safe boxMost people have a specialized safe to keep firearms. These safes are locked with state-of-the-art security units, such as a 4-digit code system or biometric device. To access the safe, you would need to punch in the code or press your finger against the glass, and the safe will open up to reveal its content. This makes gun safes a popular choice amongst gun owners, who want to quickly, but silently access their firearms if they find themselves in danger. (1)

Although, specialized gun safes are a little expensive, especially if you’re going for the innovative ones. However, you could always use the traditional lock and key gun safes, which are affordable!


2. Nightstand

bedroom with nightstandA nightstand can house countless possessions, ranging from a wallet, car keys, an important receipt, and even your gun. Nightstands are perfect for people who want immediate access to a gun when they find themselves in a dangerous situation. 

People keep handguns on the bedside table knives, and flashlights, so they’re equipped with everything they might need to defend themselves. Flashlights could come in handy while ambushing a home invader, while a knife can be used as a safer defense option. 

The nightstand will always have your back regardless of what you want to use for defense. Many people also install a false bottom inside the nightstand’s top drawer. This way, the gun remains concealed from your children or even an intruder, while you’d know exactly where the gun rests.


3. Under the pillow  (NOT SAFE, AVOID THIS)

two bedroom pillowsIf anything, you could always go old-school and hide the gun in the MOST accessible place in the world, underneath your pillow. This location is quick and simple to access, but is it safe to sleep with a gun under your pillow? The obvious question is NOT! We don’t recommend this.

 Moreover, if the gun has been hidden under the pillow, you could conveniently ambush your intruder without leaving your bed. However, countless security hazards surround hiding the gun under your pillow. While this option may sound enticing beyond a doubt, the probability of the trigger being pulled because of the pressure from both sides is high.

Additionally, the gun is equally likely to roll out from underneath the pillow due to your movement on the bed. If your child enters the room, they might notice the gun and get frightened. Or if the intruder has reached your room, they could quietly take the gun away. Thus, you might want to think twice before placing the gun under the pillow. 

You may also want to check this learning guide on how to make a nightstand gun safe. Until next time!

Bottom Line

 While there are several places where you can hide your gun while you sleep, a gun safe is the safest option. Nobody other than you would know the gun rests inside the box, and even if somebody knew, they would not be able to open it due to the strict security of the safe. (2)


(1) biometric device – https://www.techopedia.com/definition/17938/biometric-device
(2) security of the safe – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140831152519-11537006-understanding-the-difference-may-soon-save-lives-safety-vs-security

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