What is ADT Signal Chat

 A recent addition to the world of upgrades in the ADT system is the ADT Signal Chat. A lot of ADT customers are trying to figure out what the new Signal chat is and what it does.

In short, an innovative technology, ADT Signal Chat uses a text message conversation system. It quickly confirms or invalidates false alerts from your home security system.

How does ADT Signal Chat work?

What exactly comes with it:

  • Signal Chat is like other texting apps. However, ADT Signal Chat text has more security features. You can download it free for Android, PC, Mac, and iPhone. (1)
  • Users can have one-on-one conversations and even create a group chat on its basic level. This level of interaction allows the transmission of internet links, movies, audio messages, photographs, and other forms of media. You can even use emojis to send or answer messages.
  • You should have a mobile number to utilize signal chat. If you wish to keep it confidential, register for Google’s voice number.

To focus on privacy, Signal Chat uses a wide range of features.

ADT Signal Chat – How Does It Work?

ADT Signal Chat messaging works with smartphones only. You only need to ensure that you and the emergency contacts – in your ‘myADT’ account – have smartphones.

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Here is how the signal chat works:

  • You and the emergency numbers will get an introduction message.
  • Your alarm monitoring system causes an alert (if there is a home intrusion). ADT security delivers a mobile text message to your phone and that of the emergency contacts. The ADT signal chat text will have a link to the alert review and the beginning of a signal group chat.
  • Click on the link to immediately verify the alert, and if it is a fake alarm, you can cancel it.
  • ADT allows up to 60 seconds to get a response from you via SMS message. If you don’t respond, ADT calls your house. ADT will also call any emergency numbers that haven’t received an alert so they can validate the alarm.
  • If the calls go unanswered, ADT sends the first answerer to your residence.
  • ADT signal chat makes it easy for site contacts to get in touch with a Protection1 central station. Therefore, signal chat alerts come in handy as far as notifying the public quickly and responding to emergencies is concerned.

You may want to consider ADT Signal Chat as an effective communication tool during emergencies. The beauty of it all is the straightforward process of using the ADT Signal Chat. It is an important additional feature to your home security system and I highly recommend it. (2)

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(1) text – https://www.techtarget.com/searchmobilecomputing/definition/texting
(2) effective communication tool – https://smallbusiness.chron.com/tools-effective-communication-43236.html

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