What are Storm Doors?

A home has many different devices and appliances to provide adequate protection. A storm door provides added functionality to the main entrance and the entire house. Many people don’t know what a storm door is.

This type of door primarily protects a home from snow, ice, and rain. This functionality means that the main door requires less maintenance and has a longer lifespan. Insects can also be kept further away, thanks to this second barrier.

Some storm doors can incorporate a key lock which optimizes family protection. Any family will be much safer knowing there is a second barrier to keep burglars away. Let’s look at the five most important aspects of a storm door.

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Main features of the storm door

A storm door’s main function is to protect a home’s interior from harsh weather conditions. This type of door can keep out rain, snow, and ice. With the right design in a storm door, the intensity of direct sunlight can be dissipated so that not as much heat builds up inside the home.

Design and Decoration

Today there is a wide variety of storm doors that can incorporate a custom design. This can certainly complement a home’s decor due to the variety of colors, materials, and styles. A storm door can incorporate a screen or glass panels.

Each of these options can be removable or non-removable. When a screen is removable, the storm door has greater versatility for different seasons of the year. Removing the screen in summer means greater ventilation and coolness while having the screen in winter means greater protection and insulation against cold weather.

Energy Efficiency

A storm door is much more efficient when optimizing a home’s energy efficiency. This type of door keeps various components away from cold weather, such as snow and freezing rain. This decreases the energy needed to keep the heat inside a home. (1)

A similar thing happens during the summer, as a proper storm door can dissipate heat from sunlight. This allows the family to need less electrical energy. People will not need as many fans and air conditioners to enjoy a comfortable temperature inside the home.

Increased Safety and Security

When it comes to an excellent storm door, safety and security in the home are also other important aspects. A storm door may incorporate a key lock, which is not included in every one.

In cases where a key lock has been incorporated, the family will have an additional protective barrier. This type of door will keep intruders further away, and the family will feel more protected.

Differences between a storm door and a screen door

screen door

In many cases, these two doors are often mistaken for each other. It is not about the door, as they incorporate different functionalities. The screen door is only responsible for preventing insects and mosquitoes from entering a home through the door.

Even when people open the front door, the screen door prevents this from being an option for insects. A screen door is not designed to withstand the harsh and difficult weather conditions at certain times of the year.

A storm door can protect a home from rain, snow, intense sunlight, and ice. It can even keep insects away. Several storm doors may also incorporate a lock and key. A storm door is a more complete option than a screen door. 

Wrapping Up

A storm door complements any home that requires added protection from intruders, harsh weather conditions, and even insects. That is why today, a wide variety of options complement a home’s decor. It is highly recommended to incorporate a storm door into a home. 

And now that you know what storm doors are, your next step is to know how to install storm doors. Check out that learning guide. Until next time!


(1) energy efficiency – https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/use-of-energy/efficiency-and-conservation.php

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