Vivint Vs Brinks (What You Need To Know – 2023)

How we reviewed: hands-on tests, hours studying Vivint and Brink’s sites, and reading 100+ customer reviews.

Winner – Vivint

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Our Rating

  • Customizable Packages
  • Video Storage Included
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Contract is Required

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Runner Up – Brinks

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Our Rating

  • Self-monitored
  • Longer Coverage
  • Compatible with GNest
  • 36-month Contract

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Written By: John Fox | Security expert / Locksmith 30 Years Experience


One out of every five houses is a target of theft or vandalism. Keeping your home safe should be a top priority for you as a homeowner. 

Technology with security systems these days is very robust and can help you prevent vandalism or theft. However, it is vital to ensure you select the best security systems that are out there in the market. Today we compare two market titans; Vivint Vs. Brinks.

Essentially, these two ranks as some of the top security systems found today. In this comparison, we will provide you with the features, options, and other aspects that are best and worst for each.

Vivint Vs Brinks: Quick Summary 

When it comes to Vivint Vs Brinks, Vivint has an incredible amount of wins over brinks. One provides the best technology solutions, while the other is one of the oldest security camera brands. However, we found Vivint to be preferable for us because of the following:  

  • Ultimate ease of use and high-end equipment
  • Features intelligent home security options with the smartest systems 
  • Best features and technology used in cameras 
  • Features incredible smart home setup

Though Vivint needs professional installation, it gives reliable 24/7 monitoring and lets you experience the best smart features available in the home security solutions market.

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Vivint Security Systems

Vivint is the best overall option. 

Vivint is the best pick as it has plenty of home security solutions with high-end smart features. It offers professional monitoring services and the cameras have an affordable price as well. 

brinks logo

Brinks Security Systems

Brinks allows professional and self-monitoring options.

Unlike other camera systems, when you acquire Brinks home security solution, you can stick to self-monitoring of your system or change to a 24/7 professional monitoring service as well. 

Vivint Vs Brinks: Pros and cons


  • Pros
  • Camera systems have a lifetime warranty 
  • Basic home security package is customizable 
  • Allows you to finance the devices rather than paying fully 
  • Video storage included with monitoring options 
  • Cons
  • Contract is required with a duration of four to five years 
  • The trial period is relatively small


  • Pros
  • One of the most trusted and oldest brands
  • Various smart features because it is compatible with Google Nest
  • Offers two options: self-monitoring and professional monitoring 
  • Wide or long range of coverage from the camera
  • Cons
  • 36-month contract is necessary
  • Have some generic security systems 

Compare Vivint Vs. Brinks Features




Video Resolution

4K HD, 1080p HD

1080p HD

Smartphone Compatibility

Android and iOS

Android and iOS

Night Vision

Black and White, Color

Black and White, Color


Yes (monthly and yearly)

Yes (monthly and yearly) 

Field Of View 

Wide viewing angle 

Wide viewing angle

Smart Motion Detection Alerts

Yes (24/7 monitoring) 

Yes (24/7 Brinks monitoring)

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras



Custom Camera Solutions 

  • Yes
  • Yes

Siren and Alarm Support

  • Yes
  • Yes price as of 10/08/2021 at 3:14 p.m. (MT). Read full disclaimer. Offers and availability subject to change.

Vivint Vs Brinks: Face to Face Features

vivint outdoor camera pro night

We shall now move to the face-to-face features of Vivint vs Brinks. Different features are compared in this section to select the winner among these two cameras.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Operating Range 

Some VIVINT cameras do require a Wi-Fi connection. However, the manufacturer has not specified the acceptable range. The same applies to the Brinks cameras as well. But, you can also find simple cameras from both VIVINT and Brinks brands that can work without Wi-Fi. 

Winner: Brinks and VIVINT Cameras

Custom Built Camera Solutions 

Here is one factor that enhances the value of both Brinks cameras and VIVINT cameras. Both these brands offer custom-built camera solutions. The VIVINT cam models let you customize the extra add-ons you want to attach to your camera. For example, you can pair outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, smart locks, doorbell cameras, car guards, security sensors, and many more. 

The Brinks cameras allow you to create a home automation security package. You can include camera systems of your choice. In addition to that, they have some pre-made home automation packages that contain a control panel, video doorbell, Brinks home encrypted pet immune wireless motion, wireless door sensors, and an outdoor camera. 

Winner: Brinks Cameras

Video Resolution 

VIVINT cameras and Brinks security cameras are available in different models with different video and image resolutions. For example, you can find Brinks and VIVINT camera systems with multiple recording resolution choices, including 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 800, 640 x 400, and 320 x 200. However, several VIVINT cameras come with 4K HD sensors for crystal clear recording. 

Winner: VIVINT Security Cameras

Power Source 

When it comes to VIVINT cameras, some models have the option to work as a piece of standalone equipment or be wired to a wall or any surface. The flexibility they offer makes them a good choice for cameras. In order to put it simply, the VIVINT cameras are available with a battery or through a direct power source. 

You can find battery-operated, AC-powered, and power cable-operated cameras offered by Brinks. However, the Brinks Doorbell Camera works on a battery, and the battery is said to last for up to 5 years with average use. In addition to that, replacing it is easier and does not require professional help. 

Winner: Brinks Security Systems

Motion Detection Alerts 

The Brinks cameras have smart sensors that allow them to send alerts when the camera detects any movement in its field of view. As for the VIVINT outdoor camera, it understands the difference between pets, humans, and vehicles, which is why you will receive only crucial notifications. The chances of false alerts are relatively low. (1)

Winner: VIVINT Cameras

Night Vision 

The VIVINT cameras have a decent night vision range. However, the video clarity of the Brinks camera is said to be better at night due to the infrared LEDs that are used. Thus, you should choose the Brinks cameras for superior night vision. If you are just looking for clarity in the daytime, the VIVINT cameras are a better choice. 

Winner: Brinks Security Cameras

Smartphone Compatibility 

The VIVINT security cameras and Brinks cameras come with a smartphone app. This app works well with both Android and iOS devices. As both the cameras support smartphone applications on iOS and Android, we do not have a clear winner.

Winner: Both VIVINT and Brinks Security Cameras are Winners

Vivint Vs Brinks: Standout Features

brinks camera

We look at the stand-out features of both the VIVINT security cameras and the Brinks security cameras in this section. You can consider these features to decide on which one you might choose. 

Vivint Camera: Standout Features

  • Combining Security Solutions: The VIVINT security cameras allow you to attach a variety of security solutions to your cameras, including doorbell cams, outdoor cams, and more. 
  • Smart Locks: The VIVINT smart locks let you lock your door by simply pressing a button in the Vivint app. 
  • Professional Monitoring: VIVINT professionals contact you for installing, activating, and showing you how to use the cameras. They deliver 24/7 monitoring and support. 
  • Smart Deter Technology: Due to this technology, the VIVINT equipment (cameras) will release a loud noise and brighten the LED ring if somebody lurks around your property for a long period. (2

Brinks Camera: Standout Features

  • Smart Security Essential Package: You can see an introductory package made by Brinks, which contains the necessities to solidify your home security systems. 
  • Image Adjustments: Some Brinks security cameras come with a unique image adjustment feature, which includes sharpness, brightness, saturation, contrast, and exposure. 
  • Smart Features: Many Brinks cameras allow you to control the security systems, cameras, locks, lights, and others.
  • Hacker Protection: Different from regular alarm panels, the Brinks models encrypt every sensor signal to protect against hackers.

Vivint Vs Brinks: Doorbell Camera Comparison

VIVINT Smart Doorbell Video Camera Pro

VIVINT Smart Doorbell Video Camera Pro


  • Video Resolution: 1080P 
  • Product Dimensions: 4.6″ high x 1.5″ wide x 1.3″ deep. 
  • Field of view: 180 degrees X 180 degrees 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • 65 dB speakers

This product offers you a view and the ability to speak through the device from your smartphone.  It allows you to either open your door or answer it from your smartphone. 

The motion sensors activate the camera and send you an alert simultaneously. One primary advantage of this device is that it can be connected to your existing doorbell. In addition to that, you can opt for professional or DIY installation of the equipment. 

Pictures can be saved from your smartphone to be viewed or used at a later point. You can customize the settings and notifications according to your preferences. Echo canceling is made possible using two far-field microphones. It also has an IP 33 rating for the weather. 


  • Loudspeakers (65 dB) and echo cancellation work well and in sync. 
  • Has a 180 X 180-degree field view offering a complete picture of the person and the things they have in hand. 
  • High-resolution pictures can be saved to your smartphone. 
  • Smart features distinguish cars moving and the people approaching. 
  • A speaker on the equipment alerts the person if they are trying to remove a package that was left at your doorstep.


  • A wired camera that may require professional help for installation.
  • Sensors are activated with any movement at your doorstep. 
  • Works only with Vivint security systems. 

brinks doorbell

Brinks Doorbell Camera With Night Vision


  • Video Resolution: 1080P 
  • Product Dimensions: 1.1″ high x 1.4″ wide x 4.8″ deep. 
  • Field of view: 180 degrees 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • 30 days trial video recording

The Brinks Doorbell Camera with Night Vision provides excellent 1080 HD video resolution. It is capable of capturing videos of up to 8 feet in distance using powerful infrared lights on it. It is also compact in design and can be attached to a slim door. 

The smartphone application gives you the ability to communicate with anyone who is at your doorstep. It does not matter if you are at home or elsewhere to make use of this feature as it can be done with your smartphone through a 2-way audio feature. 

You can watch a live video feed of what the camera sees from your smartphone. The brinks security camera also offers cloud recording of the events that happen at your doorstep. 


  • Color night vision on the Brinks security cameras.
  • 180-degree view of the person at your doorstep. 
  • Two-way audio with a loudspeaker. 
  • 1080 HD video and cloud recording available. 
  • Sensitive motion detection feature captures people when they approach your doorstep. 


  • Sensors often detect motion or movements in the background or the road.
  • Wide-angle camera lenses do not offer clarity in low-light scenarios.
  • Installation might require professional help from the manufacturer. 

The VIVINT cameras are the clear winner when you compare them against Brinks camera systems in so many aspects. However, they are on the costlier side and work well if you have a subscription to the Vivint security systems. The flexibility offered by Vivint security systems is something that makes people choose this brand. 

Brinks equipment has some features that might interest you. It is especially the case considering the lower costs involved with the camera systems. The installation of these cameras is also cheaper and done without professional help. 

Wrapping Up

Choose Vivint if:

  • You are not very specific about your budget 
  • You are looking to have custom-built security solutions for your home 
  • You prefer more smart prevention features 
  • You want to pair security cameras with other security systems 

Choose Brinks if:

  • You have a limited budget and looking for an inexpensive option 
  • You want cameras that can be installed with ease 
  • You expect 24/7 professional security service
  • You prefer to have active alarms with instantaneous responses. 

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