Tovnet Camera Light Bulb

Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb Review (Reviewed 2023)

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Installation 4.5/5​

Audio and Video Recording 4.5/5​

Storage 4.6/5​


Reviewed by: John Fox

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Getting Started

Security of our home and property has always been of great importance to us, and therefore we try various methods and take multiple measures to enhance the protection. One of the methods used to protect and keep a watch on your business, property, and home is installing cameras.

However, we also want cameras not to be detected easily by other people as it reduces the chances of catching other people’s misdeeds towards us. The obvious presence of the camera makes people alert as people never like or appreciate being watched by someone else.

The first security camera combined with the bulb was the Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb. Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb was the first innovative security camera invented combined with the bulb in 2011. It included the advanced technology of Wi-Fi internet connection, which is useful to record covertly. Unfortunately, the manufacturing and production of Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb have been discontinued, but there are many other security camera light bulbs available in the present market.

The installation process of Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb was as simple as we installed bulbs in sockets into our home. It worked as both bulb and camera. It worked by gaining energy power from the socket and was managed by any smart device such as a smartphone, computer, or any smart gadget.

It allowed you to observe your home, building, office, or any property of yours from wherever and whenever you want. Its Wi-Fi features enable you to record and transmit recorded data through an internet connection. In order to transfer data, Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb requires a connection with a smart device.

It had an app that could be used to download and transfer the recorded data of the camera. TOVNETcam app could be downloaded both by Play Store or Apple Store and used as a medium to share and transfer data. Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb was designed to cover 360 degrees and provide a view of about 120 degrees. It performed exceptionally well in the dark as well.

Compared to the security camera light bulbs present in the market, it provided very clear view footage. It offered a vision of great quality. Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb could be installed in regular sockets and pivots. Installation of the security camera light bulb into any socket allowed to fit it anywhere to record according to your requirements.

Tovnet Camera Light Bulb


  • Camera Lens: 2.8 mm; 120-degree fisheye
  • Power Consumption: AC 110 V-240 V 5 Watt ( LED 2 Pcs, IR 2 Pcs )
  • PC O/S: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 supported
  • Smartphone: Android and iOS
  • Item Weight: ‎120 g
  • Item Dimensions: ‎H 26 Sorket

What we Liked

  • Simple installation
  • Easy IoT CCTV
  • Can build CCTV system with PC viewer program and Smartphone app
  • Real-time screen sound and saving by SD card

What We Didn’t

  • It requires a steady stream to record video
  • There’s no open API feature


As mentioned above, Tovnet was the LED Security Bulb with a combined Camera. It was the first of its kind. It had many specifications compared to the traditional bulb and or regular spy camera. It included multiple features and specifications, allowing it to stand out among other products.

It included Wi-Fi connection, motion sensor, alarm for motion, alarm setting options, HD recording view, clear night view, backup system, e-mail alerts and notifications, microphone and speaker, wide view of 120-degree angle, 32GB SD card supported, and also had two-way intercom facility with wireless connection. The video resolution provided by this LED security bulb camera was 1080p. It worked well and was used for both indoor and outdoor use. It was the kind of product that worked well in every aspect. (1)

Because of these exceptional features and specifications, it was assumed to be the finest light bulb security camera. It included a lens resolution of 2.0M Pixel, 1280 x 960 Hd video, and 120 degrees wide angle. It had a microphone and speaker, worked well with Android, iOS, windows, and smartphones. It offered a backup facility in Micro SD card, computer system, and smartphone. It uses the power of fewer than 7 watts and has LED bulbs of 3 and 5 watts. It was suitable for the E26 and E27 sockets. It worked well in temperature from -20 degrees up to 50 degrees. The total weight of the security bulb was around 200g, and its dimensions were a minimum of 72 x 165 mm and a maximum of 72 x 186 mm. It supported input power ranging from 110V to 240V. 

Standout Features

Some of the main specifications of Tovnet LED Security Bulb and Camera:

  1. SD Card for storage, unlike other security camera bulbs, had the specification to record and store video footage and transfer recordings and data to multiple sources from various devices.
  2. Recording, as was mentioned above, it included both microphone and speaker, which made video recording available with audio as well. It had an advanced technology system to record video with a clear view even at night or in dark spots.
  3. Apart from the audio recording feature, it allowed two-way audio usage, enabling users to record audio of their own to project it to another location.
  4. Motion Detector had the specific feature of built-in motion detection, which allowed the security light bulb to start recording if any unusual movement was detected.

Risks and Challenges

After detailed research, the only risks and challenges related to the Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb usage were that it requires a continuous flow of electrical power supply. It could only perform when connected to the socket and work through electricity. If there is no electric power supply provided to Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb, it cannot function. Another factor that adds to the risks and challenges of the Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb is that you will need to keep your switches 24/7 to use them. Continuous flow and electricity usage do not add to the practical usage of this device. (2)

Video Walkthrough

Wrapping Up

In our opinion, the Tovnet Security Camera Light Bulb being the first blend of camera and light has proved to be a smart, simple, and user-friendly device security system with loads of impressive specifications and features. It was a good option if you are looking for an invisible security system that allows you to check your business and residential premises without revealing its presence to others. It was also a good option if you want a device that can be installed on your own without any previous experience or knowledge about installing the security camera, as it offered as easy to install as to fit bulbs at your home.

Since this product is no longer available in the market, many other alternatives could be used instead of Tovnet Camera Light Bulb. Such as Zeus CCTV Wi-Fi Floodlight Bulb Camera.

We’ve listed a few product and learning guides below for you to also check. Until our next review!


(1) intercom facility –
(2) power supply –

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