Secure It Gun Storage Fast Box Model 47 A Hidden Gun Safe

SecureIt Fast Box Model 47 Review

Our Ratings

Design 4.5/5​

Material 5/5​

Security 4/5​


Reviewed by: John Fox

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Getting Started

If you are a gun owner, you know that investing in proper gun storage is a must. There are numerous small and handy gun safes on the market, but the same cannot be said if you are looking for space to store long firearms. The Secure it company is one of the few companies that provide you with a solution to this problem. The Secure It fast box 47 is a simple yet secure way to keep your firearms inaccessible from your children and pets in a hidden gun safe.

Secure It Gun Storage Fast Box Model 47- A Hidden Gun Safe


  • Brand: Secure It
  • Color: Fast Box 47
  • Lock Type: Electronic, Key
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Weight: 47 Pounds

What we Liked

  • The Fast box allows adjustments on the fly with no tools necessary
  • Can store any type of fire rifle with a scope attached to it
  • Allows you to reach for a firearm without moving the others
  • The inventory is set up in a way where you quickly know what you have and where
  • It is perfect for your home, vehicle, garage

What We Didn’t

  • Thin steel gauge
  • Some of the pre-drilled holes may go unused
  • For additional vertical storage, you need to purchase the Vertical Kit

Feature Rundown​

Fast Access

If you are in a hurry and you have no time to look for your key, the fast box provides simple and fast access with an electronic keypad and backup key override.

Efficient Design

The design of the fast box leaves room for an additional handgun, pistol, and ammo storage. If you have, more than one safe you can bolt them together, locker style, or stack them on top of one another.

Discrete Design

The safest place in the house is where no one would think to look. The plane and discrete design do not draw any attention to themselves, so you can easily hide the box where you keep your valuables.


When you think of a safe, you imagine a heavy steel box that is hard to move and set up. Well, Fast Box weighs only 47 lbs, which allows full portability and mobility to the place of your choice.

Scope Intact

With most safes, you have to disassemble your gun when you put it in the safe, but with the SecureIt Fast Box, that’s not the case. The size of the fast box offers ample space for a rifle with a scope and magazine attached to it.

Heavy Duty

As you would guess, it is very durable, made from all-welded steel with a louvered back panel for vertical applications, and also includes a Neoprene pad cushion for horizontal applications.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Having that in mind, if you are looking for a highly secure and affordable way to store your long firearms, The Secure It fast box 47 is the perfect solution for you.

The SecureIt tactical fast box 47, as the name implies has a width of 47’’, a height of 6.5’’, and a depth of 13’’, which allows you to store your long firearms with their scope and magazine attached. You can also have enough space to store an additional pistol or handgun with the needed ammo quantity.

It has CradleGrid technology, which truly is one of the best systems out there for any gun safe. The CradleGrid Technology allows you to be able to add different bins or accessories to the back of the safe.

You can get quick access through the four-button lock, which can be programmed with up to eight digits. Each button gives out a SecureIt tactical click that you can easily feel in low-light conditions. The electronic button lock is powered by a battery and in case of a dead battery, the option for a key-override is always possible.

The fast box also comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting and the design makes it possible to set up both horizontally and vertically.

Taking its relatively small size and weight into consideration, you can easily place your safe under the bed, vehicle, or any other key location where you feel it is most secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it contain biometric unlock?

There is no biometric unlock for this particular model.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, all fast boxes contain a warranty of a few years for parts and repair labor. These things do last long term if you don’t keep them in salty conditions.

Can I keep ammo inside?

It is advisable to get ammo safe for this purpose but if you prefer you can keep some ammo as space allows.

Video Walkthrough

Wrapping Up

After a thorough look through the market of gun safes, we can easily say that the SecureIt Fast Box 47 is the best affordable and secure safe for your long firearms in the market. They are perfect if you want to disperse your firearms throughout the house for quick access and maximum security.

SecureIt: Fast Box Model 47 Hidden Gun Safe — Holds Rifles, Shotguns,...
  • Durable, Flexible & Customizable: Designed with the same professional-grade craftsmanship we use for the U.S. military, this tough steel gun safe weighs 33 pounds; one person can easily position the safe in the home, condo, office or vehicle
  • Organized, Adaptable Storage: CradleGrid Technology delivers reconfigurable storage for up to 2 long guns max or a combination of 1 long gun, handguns and accessories; it can also store firearms with optics without the need to re-zero