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Reolink Go Review – (4G LTE Review – 2023)

Our Ratings

Value for Money 4.7/5​

Battery Life 4.7/5​

Picture Quality 4.1/5​


Reviewed by: John Fox

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Getting Started

A high-definition, wireless, and 4G home security camera.

The Reolink Go 4G camera is an excellent cellular security camera for monitoring your home or office. After spending some months testing the cam in various circumstances, here is the final extensive Go camera review. Check out the features of the cam to know where it is worthy of time and money. The Go is not the cheapest choice, but it is the top-rated and most favored home surveillance camera. 

Here is a sneak peek about the Reolink Go information you will get in here:

  • Quick specs, advantages, and drawbacks of the Arlo Go 
  • Review of the Reolink Go relying on real-life experience and testing   
  • Things to consider before purchasing the best house security cam (buying guide)
  • Common and practical FAQs on Go cam

3G/4G LTE Cellular Security Camera


  • Brand: REOLINK
  • Usage: Outdoor
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Recommended Usage: 4G LTE camera For farm, warehouse, construction site, remote property
  • Room Type: ‎Garage
  • Item Weight: ‎13.3 ounces
  • Item Dimensions: 2.95 x 2.95 x 4.45 in

What we Liked

  • Best image quality and video resolution 
  • For outdoors, you can use the solar panel to charge the cam 
  • Long-lasting and durable battery life
  • Decent design and low light footage
  • Automatic application – easy to guide
  • Tolerates moderate water pressure
  • Movement alerts and push notifications
  • Zooming the image is simple

What We Didn’t

  • It operates only with T-mobile carriers
  • A bit costly
  • Not a Wi-fi camera 
  • It won’t work appropriately with a weak 4G signal

Reolink Go LTE Camera

The Go camera ticks every requirement to become the best surveillance camera. When you compare it to other security cams, you will find that Reolink is good enough and not huge. What makes it popular among the buyers is its notable elements.  

The Go is a 100% wire-free home security camera. You can keep an eye on your house or outdoors, or office using the wireless surveillance camera. It has a solar panel for keeping the camera powered. Excluding the cable that connects the cam to the optional solar panel, the Go is a 100% wire-free camera. 

The Go uses 4G and also 3G signals for data transmission. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Other included accessories are:

  • The weather-resistant jacket.
  • Micro USB cord.
  • Mounting hardware.
  • A flexible mounting bracket. 

One feature that stands out is the PIR motion sensor, which sends push notifications and alerts. You can also save motion-detection footage to the cloud through the Reolink cloud software. (1)

Benefits and Features

Design ​

The Go looks like a bullet-style camera and has durable formation. It has a portable and lightweight design. It is relatively easy to use, and you can shift the camera with ease due to its simple design. The outer white shiny material radiates simplicity. 

On the black face part, you can find a built-in mic at the top. Adjacent to it, there is the lens, daylight sensor, working status indicator, and PIR movement detector. The speaker is positioned on the outdoor mounting system, and below is the USB charging port. 


Installation of the Go cam is simple in comparison with the Arlo cameras. It comes with IP65 certification, which protects the cam from dust and water. The camera has a rubber sheath to tolerate other elements, which makes the Go camera an ideal pick for the outdoors. You can install it anywhere, which has a strong LTE signal, regardless of whether it is a cottage, ship, building site, or in the forest. The Go comes with safe and durable screws, which you can use to mount to any surface. Before mounting it, fix the viewing angle. (2)

Video Quality and Common Functions​

It records videos and images with high definition 1080p resolution. The Reolink Go camera includes a 110-degree wide-angle lens. That wide-angle helps in capturing more area with little to no sightless spots. Like the other cameras, the Go has dual-way talk and motion detection functions. 

Another feature that is crucial in a surveillance camera is night or dark vision. It is meaningless to buy a camera that doesn’t capture events at night. To record the events at night time or in dark places, the Reolink Go cam has a starlight night vision feature. With this function, the cam records the events that are happening up to 10 m. This function came into existence because of the impressive 2.0 megapixel CMOS sensor. It gives a higher level of image clarity without using direct lighting. (3)

Network Compatibility​

In the US, the Go works well with the 3G W-CDMA and 4G LTE systems from T-Mobile. In other countries, it also supports carriers. Besides, Go is compatible with a few T-Mobile MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators). To operate or start the Go camera, you need a SIM card. So, submit a micro-SIM card from your carrier and then register for a monthly or yearly cellular data plan.

Energy and Battery​

The Go uses the power from the 7800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With a single full charge, it gives up to 500 minutes of live view. Besides, it can record for up to eight hours. The charge refilling flexibility is another feature that makes Reolink Go the perfect pick for external use. It also can take power from the air conditioner, or you can attach the Go cam to the Reolink solar panel. 

Mobile Phone Application ​

The smartphone application supports and works with both iOS and Android devices. Go mobile app has a professional design. The application is relatively easy to use and guide. You can control the cam from anywhere using the Reolink app. The application also allows you to talk with the people on the other side as it comes with a dual-way talk feature. Besides, it is user-friendly and lets you watch the live recording. 

The opening screen displays the thumbnail image of the cam. It also shows the 4G signal status and the battery span using various icons. When you tap the thumbnail picture, you can watch the live feed. The screen gives you several controls like pausing the camera, taking a screenshot, recording the video, changing the color from black to white, and many more. You can also adjust the resolution settings like 1080p to fluent.

Network and Connectivity​

If the place you want to monitor doesn’t have access to Wi-fi, then the Reolink Go is a perfect choice. But the cam is not restricted to 4G connections. It can run on 4G LTE and other 3G connections. When you don’t want to connect the Go to the wireless networks, you can always opt for the SIM card or micro SD card slots. 

Storage Capacity​

The Go camera automatically saves the videos in the local storage. By inserting a micro SD card in the slot, you can use the motion recording function. From there, with the help of the Reolink application, you can get access to the footage. The Go supports SD cards but only up to 64 GB. If you want more storage capacity, you can opt for the cloud service. When you sign up for the beta plan, you will receive free 10 GB of storage for offsite backup. The free plan supports only a single camera, and it gives a seven-day video history. 

How to Select the Best Home Security Camera


You have to consider both the recording and material quality of the camera. We recommend cameras with 1080p resolution as they can capture clear videos. It is better to avoid cameras that are use plastic or other fragile materials. 

Essential Features

An outdoor camera’s crucial features are motion detection, two-way audio, weather resistance, wide lens, and viewing angle. Make sure to check whether the camera has all the features or not before buying it. 

Storing Space and Mobile Application

Local and cloud storage are two available options for saving the videos. For some cameras, you need to purchase storing space separately, so check out the details. We suggest you buy a cam that has a good smartphone app so that you can monitor your cam without any major issues. 

Pricing and Warranty

Check the warranty of the camera, and we recommend buying a cam that has a good warranty period. Coming to the price, mostly outdoor security cameras are costly, so choose the one that passes your requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dark vision range of the Go camera? 

The Go cam has an impressive starlight night vision function up to 10 m. It means the cam records the events that are happening in that range. 

How wide is the field of view of the Reolink Go, and what is the video resolution?

The Go cam can capture the video in ultra HD 1080p high quality. Coming to the field of view, it is 110 degrees wide.   

Does the Go cam have paid monthly or yearly plans?

Yes, it comes with both monthly and yearly paid plans. They are standard, premier and business plans starting from $3.49 per month to $10.49 per month. It has a free basic plan. 

What is a passive infrared motion detector? 

The Reolink Go has a popular function which is the PIR movement detector. It stands for passive infrared. Using the PIR detector, the camera can detect the body heat of both humans and animals. So you won’t receive any false movement detection alerts. 

Does Reolink provide buyer support?

It has an excellent 24/6 online customer support system. For any queries, you can contact them. If you face any technical issues, please try again later. 

Video Walkthrough

Our Opinion

The Go cam is an ideal choice for keeping an eye on your surroundings. It has a simple design with a perfect 1080p higher resolution. You can say goodbye to all those wired cameras as the Reolink Go is a wireless cam with an easy installation process. 

With a full charge, it can run for about two months in standby mode. You can either use the battery or solar panel to recharge the camera. Moreover, it comes with a passive infrared motion detection function which can detect the body heat of pets and people. 

Besides, the Reolink Go camera is one of the customer’s all-time favorite choices. It is also the best outdoor security camera due to its various high-end functions. These functions are dual-way talk, night vision, easy to use, waterproof, and more. It is unique in its way and different from other simple outdoor security cameras, which is why we recommend it. 

We’ve created a separate learning guide to know how does a cellular trail camera work as this camera is also great for outdoors such as trails and hunting. 

Wrapping Up

If you want to monitor your backyard or surroundings, we appreciate your privacy and safety concerns. So that’s why we reviewed the Reolink Go camera, which comes with almost every essential feature. Our ultimate choice is the Reolink Go 4G LTE camera because of its noteworthy and top-notch aspects.  You may also see this article for the review we’ve made on the Arlo Go camera. 


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