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MiLocks Review (Reviewed 2023)

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Reviewed by: John Fox

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Getting Started

Upgrading your door locks not only requires looking for modern home locks with advanced technology. You will need to look at many features, including efficient connectivity, notifications, sensor sensitivity, etc.

As security was installed I go through hundreds of door installs and spend countless hours with different locks and found the Milocks lock to be an apt contender in the space. What are the things that you should know about this door lock? Let’s dive into details below with an in-depth Milocks review.

This door lock is perfect for interior doors such as bedrooms, home offices, and supply closets. It installs equally well on both left and right-handed doors 1 1/4″- 1 7/8″ thick. 

Additionally, it has an adjustable latch with two backset settings of 2 3/8″ and 2 3/4″ and audible tones when locking, unlocking, and a low battery warning. Also, it runs on four “AA” batteries. Lastly, you can program a master code to multiple door locks and add individual users. 

MiLocks Digital Door Knob Lock


  • Style: Knob Lock
  • Color: Satin Nickel
  • Finish Type: Satin
  • Handle Type: Knob
  • Item Weight: ‎2.53 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: ‎8.25 x 3.13 x 7 in
  • Battery Required: Yes

What we Liked

  • Easy to install and use
  • Value for your money
  • Passed the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Grade 3 requirements
  • Has glow-in-the-dark keypad
  • Adds up to 6 keypad users

What We Didn’t

  • Not compatible with Bluetooth
  • It does not work with Alexa
  • AA batteries are not included in the package

Feature Rundown​

Multiple Locks

It can control multiple locks at once, making it ideal for property management. You can program the app to control each room’s locks if you have multiple rental rooms or units. (1)

Several Users 

No one in your family will need to carry a key to enter your house with this smart lock. You also don’t have to go to the door now and then to let your family members in. The smartphone app lets you add or remove users who can work on the same lock from their smartphones.

Standard Key 

The package includes two standard keys for your family member who prefers the traditional unlocking of your door. You can also use them if the keyless entry system fails for whatever reason.

Smartphone Entry

The MiLocks Bluetooth smart lock lets you lock and unlock your front door with your smartphone or another smart device. The device is easy to pair with Android and iOS apps. After pairing, select whether to lock or unlock the lock, for example swiping left on the app unlocks the door, and swiping right locks it.

image 8

Enhanced Monitoring

Having access and control to your lock through a smartphone app allows you to monitor what’s going on at your front door. It is where smart locks are always useful.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The MiLocks smart lock adds new excitement and convenience to your home with its keypad entry and Bluetooth unlocking features.

This smart security system bundle is available in three finishes: brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and antique brass. And its package includes the front and back door lock modules, a smart hub, and a door sensor.

image 7


  1. It’s a keyless door lock with two keyless entry options
  2. It contains user management
  3. Direct replacement on standard doors is possible
  4. You can remotely control the lock
  5. It has loud and distinct tones 
  6. You can install it by yourself
  7. There is an electrical warranty for one year
  8. There are lock/unlock notifications.


  1. It does not include batteries 
  2. Some users experienced trouble getting it to work
  3. It can be difficult to pair with a mobile app

Steps to Install MiLocks Smart Lock

All you need to install the MiLocks Smart Locks is a Philips screwdriver. Once you have that, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the Strike Plate 

Attach the strike plate to the frame of your door using the included screws.

image 1

Step 2: Adjust the Door Latch

If the borehole is 2 ¾ inches from the door’s edge, you should twist the latch, extend it, and twist it back to fit. On the other hand, if the borehole is 2 3/8 inches from the door’s edge, you should twist the latch, retract it, and twist it back to fit. 

image 2

Step 3: Insert the Latch

Before putting the latch on your door, check that the UP label is oriented correctly. Then, insert the latch and secure it with the included screws. Please keep in mind that the latch is in the unlocked position.

Step 4: Fasten the Front Module

Remove the key first before installing it. At the back of the front module, there’s a wire connection and a drive bar. It is critical at this point to keep the drive bar vertical when passing through the cross slot of the latch; otherwise, the door will not function properly. Then, you can now insert the front module. 

Step 5: Secure with Mounting Plate

Screw the mounting plate to the front module to secure it to the door. Make sure the rounded bump is flush with the surface of your door. Thread the drive bar through the center and the connection wire through the bottom opening. Then, screw it in place, make minor adjustments, and secure it tightly. 

image 3

Step 6: Mount the Back Module 

There is a connection wire at the back that connects to the previous wire from the front module. There is also a cross-slot for the drive bar. 

During this step, remove the battery cover first to reveal the mounting holes and insert the mounting screws. Then, turn the thumb-turn away from the latch to be in an unlocked position. Connect the two wires that will power the keypad later. Then attach the back module, making sure the drive bar fits into the cross slot. Lastly, secure it with the mounting screws inserted in the mounting holes. 

image 4

Step 7: Insert the Batteries 

It’s vital to insert brand-new batteries into the battery tray to avoid replacing them more often. After inserting the batteries, attach the battery cover again. 

image 5

Step 8: Test It

Finally, engage the lock using the key on the front module and the thumb-turn on the back module.

Tip: To detect a faulty keypad connection, check if any button beeps when you press them. If any buttons are not beeping, remove the back module to check the keypad and other wires for tears or pinches. Check to see if the pins in the connection are bent out of alignment after disconnecting the wiring. Align and connect all of the cables. Then, press all of the keypad’s buttons to see if they now beep. If the problem persists, you will most likely need to replace it under the product warranty terms.

image 6

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Home compatible with the MiLocks Smart Lock?

It is, indeed, Google Home compatible. See the Best Google Home Smart Locks in 2021.

Is the MiLocks Smart Lock motorized?

Yes, a DC brush motor powers the lock.

Can I change the passcode or unlock the door with my smartphone while I’m away?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the passcodes remotely. You must do so when you are at home. On the other hand, yes, you can unlock the door by connecting the device to the internet.

Is the Auto-Lock feature available on the MiLocks Smart Lock?

Yes, you can activate the auto-lock feature by setting the device between 1 second and 1 hour.

Can I change the passcode or unlock the door with my smartphone while I’m away?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the passcodes remotely. You must do so when you are at home. On the other hand, yes, you can unlock the door by connecting the device to the internet.

Video Walkthrough

Wrapping Up

To summarize the MiLocks Bluetooth smart lock is an excellent replacement for traditional door locks. It allows you to eliminate the need for those inconvenient keys. The innovative deadbolt will enable you to lock and unlock your door using a smartphone, a built-in keypad, or traditional keys. (2)

The pairing option of the smartphone app allows you to add or remove users. Also, it efficiently manages your rental units, monitors entry to your home, automates functions like auto-lock and time-based functionality, and ultimately maximizes home security.

However, to ensure that all features work correctly, install the lock properly. Even minor mistakes in part positioning and wire connection can cause problems with functionality.

We also have other reviews, learning and product guides below, you may want to bookmark them for future reference. Until our next review!


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  • Interior door keyless entry: add up to 6 keypad users for storage doors, closet doors, bedroom doors and more
  • Adjustable: Fits left and right handed doors. Bluetooth: not compatible

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