How to Keep a Door from Locking (Guide)

Most door locks are sensitive. They can easily lock you out of the room. If you have kids playing around in the house, they can accidentally lock it causing you to fiddle for a key. To avoid such situations, read our guide. Here, we will cover how to easily keep your door from locking using only a rubber band.

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To prevent your door from locking, loop your stretchy rubber band around the knob. Reinforce or twist it around the door’s latch bolt. Then loop the other end of your rubber band over the door handle. The door will stay open until you undo the rubber band.

The main issue in keeping the door from locking is to stop the deadbolt of the door lock from sliding into the strike plate.

We will give more details and the steps you should take to keep your door unlocked below.

You will only require a rubber band.

Placing The Rubber Band

When you have about 2 to 3 rubber bands, you can get started. Note that the number of rubber bands you require depends on the strength of your door.

Strong doorknobs will need more rubber bands than average ones. So make sure you have a set of bands. Below is a simple procedure to help you prevent your door from locking accidentally:

  • Hook one of the rubber bands in one of the doorknob handles.

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  • Now take the rubber band around and hook it into the other handle.
  • Make sure the rubber band presses the deadbolt hence preventing it from locking.
  • After that, try to close the door. If the door locks up, proceed to the following step.
  • Now take another one or two rubber bands and loop them around the door handle. Make sure it passes through the deadbolt.

man putting rubber band on the doorknob
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  • Try to close your door and see if it locks up. In most cases, the door will not lock up if you use more than two rubber bands. For simple door locks, one rubber band is enough to keep your door from shutting down.

After completing these steps, you do not have to worry about accidental door locks anymore.


Yes, rubber bands are useful in preventing the door from locking, but you should be careful. When using a rubber band to lock your door, do it carefully to avoid damaging the door latches. The damaged door latches may be expensive to repair. So, do it gently, do not force anything.

Other Benefits of Using a Rubber band to Tame your Door Locking

Rubber bands will not only keep your door unlocked and give you peace of mind but also cushion the slamming noise when the door closes. It sucks up the pressure from the frame and door impact. (1)

When the rubber band sucks up the impact pressure, it also prevents your door and its frame from breaking. 

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(1) pressure –

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