How to Detect a Spy Camera?

Some of the most common places where a spy camera is found are everyday household objects. The following tutorial helps you find the best way to detect these devices.

What you will need to follow in this tutorial.

Being able to detect a spy camera does not require much. With a keen eye, it is possible to detect a spy camera in most situations. Some of these devices might be hidden in everyday objects. The following items are needed.

  • A flashlight
  • A radio frequency detector


These items are very easy to obtain. A flashlight can be found in any household; if you don’t have one, your phone’s flashlight will do just fine. The radiofrequency detector can be a little more complex. It is a device that is available from a variety of physical and online retailers.

RF Detector

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Guardline is one of the manufacturers responsible for developing electronic implements for the security of a home or any place. These electronic devices incorporate different sensors when offering more security to a home.

The following steps are easy to perform, although it may take time and patience to do a good job.

1. Be aware of Common Locations

The first step is to know the common places in which a spy camera can be hidden. There are a variety of common everyday objects that are perfect for hiding spy cameras. Some of the most common objects are as follows. (1)

USB Spy Camera

  • Books
  • Air filters
  • Smoke detectors
  • Plants
  • Teddy bears
  • Tissue boxes
  • Shelves or tabletops
  • Sofa cushions
  • Wall sockets
  • Clothes racks or hairdryer stands
  • Alarm clocks or wall clocks
  • Pens

mini spy camera

While there are several places to consider, the reality is that any one of them could be perfect for hiding a spy device.

2. Turn Off the Lights and Use the Flashlight

Using a flashlight can be a very good way to detect spy devices. Spy cameras can emit some LED light when they are being operated. It is a very subtle light that is almost impossible to detect in a well-lit environment. (2)

night vision

You should turn off the room’s lights to check the camera’s light better. When turning off the lights, the flashlight is necessary to illuminate the possible places where the spy camera could be installed. Performing a visual scan for each of the suspicious parts may require some time and patience.

It is a matter of finding a very small light that is very difficult to detect, even in the dark. Finding a certain spy camera or another similar device with enough time might be easy.

3. Use a Radio Frequency Detector

Spy devices and electronic devices themselves emit certain radio frequency signals. A radio frequency detector does exactly that. This tool can be very useful for finding a spy device quickly and efficiently.

frequency detector

Some people say that it is a bit difficult to use. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to practice a few times using this device. Moving a smartphone closer or further away with a call may be sufficient. An audible signal should be audible when the RF signal is getting stronger and stronger.

It is even advisable to perform two scans when using this RF detector. You should always be aware of the sounds that this detector may emit. A spy camera could be detected on an object or in a place the user did not initially consider.

4. Call in a Professional

If a user who isn’t too tech-savvy has not found good results, it is always possible to call in a professional. There are experts in radio frequency detectors that can find any spy device in a few minutes. It can be a good solution for maintaining privacy.

 Here’s another guide on how to find a hidden spy camera. And if you’re looking for more, here’s another guide on how to set up a spy camera that might help you.

Wrapping Up

Knowing exactly how to detect spy cameras can offer people a higher level of privacy. It is a very important procedure that people can do without much effort.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? You can leave your comment below and share this article with others. This information can enable anyone to keep their privacy protected.


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