Gate Labs Rechargeable Battery for Video Smart Lock Deadbolt System

Gate Smart Lock Review (Reviewed 2023)

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Easy to install 4.6/5​

Easy to Use 4.4/5​

Battery Life 4.5/5​


Reviewed by: John Fox

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Getting Started

The Gate Smart Lock is a good option for anyone looking for a high-quality lock but not a smart home system. The lock doesn’t contain dual lock/video doorbell functionality. 

This lock requires a proper Wi-Fi connection. There have been problems with the connectivity of Wi-Fi, working of videos or cameras, and updates of software. It is also stated that there are plans on adding enhanced features for Alexa in the future.

Gate Labs Rechargeable Battery for Video Smart Lock Deadbolt System


  • Brand: GATE
  • Material: Metal
  • Lock Type: Keypad Lock
  • Shape: Round
  • Item Weight: ‎8.7 ounces
  • Item Dimensions: ‎6.46 x 1.73 x 0.98 in

What we Liked

  • Works with smartphones, reliable and easy
  • No primary keys and suitability with the pin codes
  • View real-time videos
  • Easy to install
  • Receive automated notifications
  • Lock or unlock remotely
  • Built-in camera
  • Two-way audio

What We Didn’t

  • Always needs to be connected to a network
  • Danger from hackers and locks being hacked
  • The installation can be costly
  • Few features require a subscription
  • Risky if the phone is misused or not used by the authorized person
  • No night vision
  • Doesn’t interact with third parties’ smartphones
  • Cannot unlock the door until movement or motion

Features and Specifications

Gate Smart Lock: A Smart Lock and Video Doorbell in One

The gate Smart lock cost $346, breaking down into two parts; a part of it as a smart lock and the other part as a video doorbell to track the record of comings and goings on the gate.  The smart lock by Gate records the clips and helps you communicate with them. The lock connects with your Wi-Fi, making it easy for you to have access from anywhere you want. The main feature of this lock is that it does not require a physical key.  

The lock is fairly easy to use as it senses motion when someone’s at your door. This is done by giving you an alert on your app. However, the locking and unlocking cannot be done whenever you want, it only works through the detection of motion. The only way you can know someone’s at the door is through your phone, there is no mutual way of unlocking the door, which means when someone is at your doorstep, you might not know it if your phone is away. An option for a physical key is still available. 

The doorbells smartly incorporate with the devices at your home as a video doorbell detects motion and can alter smart lights and trigger a smart lock. The camera helps view full longitude including any packages left on the ground. To get the services, you need to get a subscription which will help you view all the received or missed calls and records. 

The application in the gate smart lock allows remote access with a Wi-Fi connection. The only time we can lock and unlock is when some are at the door. The camera has to sense motion. Otherwise, a mutual key is needed. This application works with both Android and iPhone. The application allows you to set the mode of the camera from five to 30 feet. The setting of the lock can change to locking and auto-locking after some period of time. If you do not use the subscription services, you are not able to add multiple access codes. The limit is only four. If using the subscription services, we can add unlimited access codes. When you want to view the history of your lock and see videos, you need a subscription. You can only tell if there was any activity on a definite date and time. The consistency of the application is also not solid. The lock has a motion-sensing camera at the front door, that easily incorporates two-way audio, we can easily talk to the person and respond to them. It has a door lock button on its face so that visitors and guests can alert you when they’re at your door through the app.  

This lock has a value between $249 and $349, depending on the service plan chosen. Most of the features offered by gates competitors are paid subscriptions which are less expensive and allow more users. Many also offer smart home integration and other features like fingerprint features. 

The best thing about this lock is that there is no need to purchase a hub or a separate adaptor as the lock has Wi-Fi to connect. There have been problems with the connectivity of Wi-Fi that can occur throughout the day. 

Moreover, it lacks features like having the ability to work with other smart devices, including the ability to work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri voice commands. It is not compatible with other smart devices or systems. There are plans to integrate with Alexa in the future. 

The lock comes with a complete deadbolt assembly that is primarily the safest type of smart lock. This lock is a sturdy one as it is installed quickly with no issues. 

Stylish and Easy to Install

It looks like a hockey puck with its brushed aluminum finish voiced speaker grills and a circular keypad. A motion sensor that triggers the camera to record.  A built-in microphone and a speaker let the visitors speak and talk while unlocking the door. This product includes an embedded Wi-Fi radio connecting to your 2.4Hz home network for access from anywhere.  

The look of a gates smart lock is designed for use on doors with a separate deadbolt and doorknob, making it fit in the doors. The package has a deadbolt assembly, interior, and exterior escutcheons, a screwdriver, a USB charging cable, three keys, and rubber spacers.  

The procedure of installation starts with the downloading of the application. The phone needs to be paired with a Wi-Fi connection, following the onscreen instructions to connect the lock and install it on our door. Firstly, I removed the battery pack and press and hold the 0 buttons while replacing the battery on the keypad.  The lock was now in setup mode, giving it permission to access my location. After this, I relinked my Wi-Fi settings to get connected to the lock. The lock was then flashing, so I get it connected to the Wi-Fi. By following the instructions on the app, I was ready to install the lock on my door.

Now, removing the old lock assembly and unboxing the gate lock from the package, we installed the deadbolt and attached the front, making sure it is aligned to the interior. I simply attached the two pieces by the need of a screwdriver and replaced the batteries. Completing the installation procedure. 

The detection of movement and motion had no issues, and I easily locked and unlocked the door. The two-way audio was also loud and clean. The videos in the daytime were crisp and good with colors but the night videos were of no use and too dark, as they lack infrared LEDs. 

On the bright side, the schedules of the lock worked perfectly and on time. Additionally, the push alerts were also instant. (1)

Satisfactory Battery Life

The battery life for the gate smart lock depending on the activity, connectivity, and brand of your lock is expected to last about 30-60 days before the recharge. A notification pops out as a reminder of the low battery before it drops the power. These batteries do not cost a lot.   

These batteries are charged by removing them and plugging them into a power source. To do this, an orange USB cord is needed and takes 4-5 hours approximately. 

Additional rechargeable batteries can cost around $60 to be purchased when it’s time to recharge your battery to control the lock and doorbell features. 

Using the battery pod or a traditional key, you can still lock or unlock the gate while the battery is charging. To not shut off the smart features, additional battery pods are available to keep the functioning same. In case, to get an update on the battery life, you can easily go through the app on your smartphone. These batteries do indicate when they are low.  

This lock has a year warranty on the hardware in the smart lock.

Subscription Service

The subscription service in the U.S.A for Premier service is $4.99/month while for premier plus it’s $ 7.99/month. (2)

For an Annual Package, the Premier service is $49.99/year with 2 Free months of services.

 For an Annual Package, the Premier Plus service is $79.99/year with 2 Free months of services.

The above subscription includes App notifications, Live Video Streaming, 2- way Audio, Remote Lock & unlock, 24×7 guest PIN codes, unlimited App Admins, Scheduled Guest Pin codes, Video History, Video Sharing, Emergency Dispatch Service.

The features for video history and video sharing will be 5 days for the Premier Package, while for the Premier Plus it’s 60 Days. 

Video Walkthrough

Wrapping Up

Smart locks have completely changed modern life. The pain of remembering your keys is no longer an issue. These locks let you create temporary access codes for family, relatives, and other service workers. The cost is high, but they record video whenever any motion is observed at your door and come with a myriad of features. It’s easy for you to interact with anyone at your doorstep. 

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