eufy Security eufyCam 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System

EufyCam 2 Review (Updated 2023) – The Future of Surveillance

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Reviewed by: John Fox

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Getting Started

In the past, I’ve had so-so luck with buying security cameras and systems, so when I heard about the eufyCam 2, I thought I’d give it a shot. With all the promises the company made, I was expecting it to be one of the best products on the market. So after months of testing, I’ve decided to write a eufyCam 2 review and share with you how it performed and what it lacked.

eufy Security 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System


  • Brand: Eufy security
  • Usage: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Recommended Uses: Surveillance
  • Form Factor: ‎Dome
  • Item Weight: ‎2.18 lbs
  • Item Dimensions: 4.2 x 2.24 x 2.24 in

What we Liked

  • Full HD video quality
  • IP67 certification
  • Advanced night vision
  • Extended battery life

What We Didn’t

Things to Consider Before Buying Security Cameras

Before you commit to signing a contract with a home security camera company, think about why you’re buying the camera.

Do you want to keep an eye out on your business and employees or your household? Is it important to you that the camera films the outdoor area and what kind of charging system do you need? All of these factors will determine what type of camera you should get.

For example, if you want to install it outdoors, you need to get something that’s weatherproof. Also, if you have a large backyard and you want your camera system to cover the entire area, you’ll need something with a wide view angle.

Other features to consider when buying a camera are whether you need infrared and motion detection sensors. On the other hand, if you’re installing it in your smart home, it’s vital that the camera has a two-way audio feature.

About the EufyCam 2

With the success of the eufyCam E Cam Kit, the company decided to put out a new system with new and improved features. Just like the previous version, the eufyCam 2 comes with an extended battery life of 365 days. Also, it features HD 1080p video quality and is supposedly easy to install.

However, eufy has brought out some new features for this model, including advanced night vision. With this feature, you can record and stream footage in low-light environments.

What’s more, the new and improved eufyCam has IP67 weather certification. The company says its camera can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and temperatures, ranging from -4°F to 122°F.

Features & Benefits

So what, if anything, does the eufyCam have that sets it apart from the crowd? Here’s what eufy claims its camera can do and how you can take advantage of these features.

Video Quality and Smart Image Enhancement

The eufyCam has a 2-megapixel Sony sensor and a glass lens that captures 1080p video during the day.

What’s more, the eufyCam 2 has a 140° wide-view angle lens. The company claims that this feature will give you a panoramic view and that the eufy security camera won’t miss a single spot.

However, one of the more unique features of eufyCam 2 is the smart image enhancement. Supposedly, the camera has built-in AI technology and a human detection feature that can identify faces. Once it does, it can zoom in and enhance the picture on its own.

Night Vision

The eufyCam 2 has four IR LEDs around its lens that help with the night vision quality. As soon as it senses low-light conditions, the eufyCam switches to a black-and-white picture and night mode. The feature lets you see up to 25 feet in the distance, but it’s not as crisp as the daylight mode.

When the night vision turns on, it becomes trickier to make out faces in the distance. That’s because the eufyCam captures different light sources, and the AI technology in it can’t enhance anyone’s face in the dark.

Motion Detection Sensors

Just like most high-quality cameras, eufyCam 2 has smart motion detection sensors. When someone trips your sensors, the eufyApp will send you an instant push notification.

If you scroll over to the Camera Settings, you can adjust the motion detection zones, sensor sensitivity, human detection, and do a test. To avoid getting false push notifications, I recommend doing a motion test when setting up your cameras.

Cloud Storage

When you buy the eufyCam 2, the company promises that you’ll be making a one-time purchase and that there are no hidden fees. That means that eufy will give you local 16 GB eMMc storage. Depending on how often you keep your camera rolling, the company says that you can store up to one year of recordings there.

What’s more, unlike some other home security camera companies, you don’t have to subscribe to their cloud plan. More importantly, you don’t have to connect to any web portal to access your videos. Instead, you can see everything that’s going on from the app.

Battery Life

The eufyCam 2 is a wireless camera with a battery that’s integrated into the system. Now, the company says that with regular use and around ten motion triggers a day, the battery will last 365 days on a single charge.

But it also says that if you use the camera only on standby mode and turn off all the features, the battery life is around three years. Once it’s empty, you should connect the eufy battery to the USB port on your HomeBase. Even if your battery was at 0%, you should be able to charge it in around four hours.

Also, if you can’t access your HomeBase, you can hook up the eufy security camera to any 5V or 9V USB charger. It might take a bit longer to charge the whole thing, but it’s the best solution.

Smart Integration

With the smart integration feature, you can control your camera with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The company also plans to add the Apple HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video a bit later in 2020.

They’re also working on an IFTTT support, and it should be available with some later updates. The home camera system also supports RTSP, and you can back up all your videos to a NAS server.

Repeater Mode

Another unique feature of the eufyCam 2 is the repeater mode, which is supposed to boost the Wi-Fi signal. In theory, the HomeBase acts as a Wi-Fi repeater, which should extend the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network.

However, I’m not really confident in this feature and it has let me down a bit. In fact, I’d say that the eufyCam 2 often has a weaker signal than the Arlo Pro 2, for example.


As I mentioned earlier, the eufy security camera system comes with IP67 certification and can withstand some pretty harsh temperatures. For reference, most cameras, even the market leaders like Arlo and Nest, have an IP65 certificate. That means that, in addition to being weatherproof, the camera’s also waterproof.

For this model, you’ll also get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer for the battery and the camera. What’s more, if you have to replace the battery, eufy will cover the cost, even if it’s out of warranty.

The App

The eufy security app is responsive, easy to use, and well-organized. As I mentioned, you can connect it with your Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Hopefully, they’ll add the Apple HomeKit Secure video soon so that more users can use it.

When you’re in the app, you’ll be able to control different features from both the Security Screen and the Camera Settings. From the Security Screen, you’ll see detection scheduling, geofencing, and the four modes: Home, Away, Disarmed, and Custom.

With the geofencing feature, the camera system will automatically switch between Away and Home, depending on your location. The scheduling feature is pretty easy to use, and with it, you can tell the system when to turn on Home or Away mode.

Except for the Disarmed mode, all three have the same on/off checkmarks, and you can choose what you want to do when someone trips your sensors. For example, the cameras can start recording, turn on the alarm, or send a notification. However, if you choose the Disarmed mode, you’ll be turning off all of these functions.

Using the app, you can control all of your sensors and stream videos. But more importantly, you can use the eufy security app to control your siren and turn the volume up and down.

Of course, you can customize which notifications and mobile alerts you want to get and how often you wish to see them. Once you customize the sensitivity and the motion zones, you won’t have to worry about getting false alarms.

Data Encryption

I also thought it was important that I mention eufy’s data encryption system in my review because it’s not something that you don’t see often. The company claims that the eufyCam has military-grade encryption.

With it, the only way someone could access your footage is by logging into your private account. Also, eufy says that they have plans to add two-factor authentication a bit later this year.

Video Walkthrough

Wrapping Up

“Ideal security camera for ones who look for a combination of modern design, powerful features!”

As Kickstarter’s most funded home security product in history, I think that the eufyCam 2 lives up to the hype, but the company still has some work to do. The app is responsive, it’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and the battery life is solid.

However, the one area where eufy could improve, in my opinion, is the video resolution on night mode. Overall, I would recommend getting this camera if you’re looking for something you can use outdoors and indoors in your smart home.

eufy security eufyCam 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System, 365-Day...
  • 1080p Full HD Live-stream and record footage in crystal clear 1080p HD, so you see exactly what is happening in and around your home.
  • A Year’s Security from 1 Charge Avoid frequent trips to charge the battery and enjoy 365-day battery life from just one charge.